The Most Evil Person Ever to Seek the Presidency

evilHillary is easily the most evil and corrupt person to ever seek the presidency. She is the status quo, another term for Obama’s policies. The animals have never fared worse than they do now. Hers will be another of endless war, special interests, military profiteering, banks running amok, and animals dying at the hands of multinational corporations through our trade agreements.

She prostituted her office as Secretary of State to raise money for the Clinton Foundation, she coerced foreign governments to pay to play for arms and influence.

She has received a stream of bribes from Wall Street banks and investment firms, she most notably received $625,000 from Goldman Sachs for so called “speeches” which she has never disclosed.

I voted for Obama twice. Were I to have it to do over again, I would vote against him. His promise was that he was a progressive, that he represented change from Bush. Instead we got the world’s largest arms dealer who has presided over the longest war in US history, a government that murders civilians, invades countries with whom we are not at war, and has created terrorists by bombing people, killing their families, arming their enemies, slaughtering their animals and murdering their neighbors. Obama has made corporations rich and Americans hated. And Hillary is in line to continue the horrors.

Hillary is warmly embraced by the Koch brothers, the military-industrial complex, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Kissinger and Paul Wolfowitz.

Her choice for VP is a supporter of the TPP, the Keystone pipeline, and the wild horse roundups.

Her choice to head her transition team is Ken Salazar, the notorious killer of wild horses and wolves, a rancher who made his fortune killing cattle.

In the entire history of the United States there has never been a more corrupt and evil person to run for president.



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4 thoughts on “The Most Evil Person Ever to Seek the Presidency

  1. I don’t like that Chelsea Clinton got career advantages through nepotism, while I got ripped off even though I jumped through all the hoops that the state actors advised me to jump through. I graduated college before Chelsea and am obviously more intelligent as I’ve been vegan the entire time yet Chelsea lied about being a vegetarian. #AmericanNepotism


  2. so who can we vote for? Hillary is more of the same and Trump is a bigoted hothead so that leaves us no way out. I’m so frustrated about the vote I’m seriously thinking of not voting at all but I really hate to forego my right to do so. What will you do?


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