Being on the Board of a Big Ag Company Must Become Dangerous to Life and Limb

boardroomAre you a mother or a father? Do you remember the feeling that overwhelmed you when you first saw your newborn?

That is the exact feeling that cows feel about their own young. They would give their lives to protect their babies, just as you or I would.

They grieve for the ones that die or are taken from them. They endure unspeakable suffering at the hands of our fellow humans who rape them, take away their newborns, murder their babies, and then enslave them for as long as their milk can be taken from them, and then they in turn are murdered.

That glass of milk or piece of cheese you consume belonged to a baby and its mother. They both were killed for you to be able to buy dairy.

To fully appreciate the horror to which you are a party, imagine your mother, wife or daughter violently raped. Imagine her baby ripped away at birth and beaten to death with a hammer or shot in the head. Imagine her enslaved for a couple of years and then having her throat slit. Maybe she won’t be one of the unlucky one in seven who is still conscious when her legs are cut off with chainsaws or unable to scream in pain when her skin is ripped from her sides.

We are unaware of the horrors, and the dairy industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars to keep us ignorant of the cruelty we support with our buying dollars. The dairy industry is one of the most cruel and vile human enterprises on Earth, and everyone involved, from the drivers to the grunts with bone saws to the managers and executives is guilty of murder.

Being ignorant of the harm we cause does not absolve us of responsibility.

Our lifestyles are dependent upon the enslavement and murders of creatures that have the very same right to life that we claim for ourselves. The very same right to live on the Earth that we have.

Our society floats on a sea of innocent blood. Over sixty billion animals are murdered every year on slaughterhouse floors. That is 6 million an hour. One hundred thousand per minute. Fifteen thousand per second.

Almost a quarter million were murdered while you read this far. Half a million if you read slowly.

The horrors are almost beyond comprehension.

And they will never end under capitalism. Capitalism is the author of almost all animal cruelty, abuse, exploitation, and deaths in the world. Animals die for profit, at the hands of businessmen. Thugs and psychopaths may wield the knives, but the real murderers wear suits and sit in boardrooms.

And until we can drag them out of their ivory towers and string them up on lampposts, the horrors will continue.



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