My Prediction: It All Comes Down to Florida. Again

archivesThe National Archives has a cool interactive website covering the Electoral College. You can find the returns for every presidential race since George Washington.

They also have an interactive electoral map where you can make assumptions and predictions about this year’s contest.

My best case scenario for Trump, worst case scenario for Hillary, has the presidential race hinging on Florida, just as it did in 2000.

Check out my map here.

Try your own.

Let’s compare notes!


5 thoughts on “My Prediction: It All Comes Down to Florida. Again

  1. What about the third-party, the Green party and Jill Stein

    Voting is People Power that Kicks Corporate America out of Congress


    • Unfortunately, I do not think Jill win win a single electoral vote. The system makes it impossible for a third party to wage a successful campaign. If no candidate reaches the requisite 270 electoral votes, the race is thrown into the House. The Greens do not have a single Member of the House, let alone the plurality of state delegations necessary to secure victory.


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