The US Government Should Buy and Protect Rainforests, Habitats

Sabah, Malaysia --- Aerial view of a clearcut rainforest which will become an oil palm plantation. --- Image by © Frans Lanting/Corbis

Sabah, Malaysia — Aerial view of a clearcut rainforest which will become an oil palm plantation. — Image by © Frans Lanting/Corbis

America is Empire.

Our foreign policy is to promote and protect multinational corporations, put down obstructionist democracies, sell arms, and engage in perpetual war.

We protect the interests of our arms customers and US corporations by patrolling the planet with war ships and stationing American troops on almost 1,000 US military bases in 150 countries around the world.

Every gun, bomb, missile, and bullet the military has to buy lines the pockets of the military-industrial complex. Every ship, plane, tank, and truck means profits to Wall Street, aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders and arms manufacturers.

American taxpayers foot the bill for the world’s largest military.

What do we have to show for it? Rich arms dealers and arms manufacturers, wealthy contractors, banks, and lobbyists.

And Americans hated around the world. America the poorer by trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, not to mention the million or so dead at our hands. Innocent civilians sacrificed for corporate profits and political expediency.

Our policy of invading countries that are no threat to us has created the very terrorists we now fear.

Consider an alternative foreign policy, one which seeks to protect the Earth from plunder and profit. A foreign policy to protect the environment, to stop the clearcutting of rainforests, to stop strip mining, over fishing, habitat destruction, trade in wildlife and animal parts, to end the killing of threatened and endangered species, to protect the oceans, end whaling, sealing, the capture of wildlife.

A foreign policy designed to end poverty, famine and disease in the Third World. One focused on population control and sustainable agriculture. A foreign policy to help people instead of killing them.

As the only super power in the world, the US has a moral responsibility to use its power and might for other than oppression and war, for other than protecting capitalists and capitalism. The US has a duty to undo the damage it has wrought upon the world and to do all in its power to protect that which has not yet been destroyed by capitalists and capitalism.

To that end, the US should purchase (as opposed to invade) rainforests and habitat in Asia, Africa, and South America. Our troops should secure habitats and endangered and threatened wildlife from poaching. Our ships should interdict animal trafficking and patrol the oceans for illegal fishing and whaling fleets.

Instead of deposing democratic governments, we should be deposing despots.

Instead of supplying rich countries with arms, we should be providing poor nations with food and technology.

Instead of using drones to murder women and children we should use them to protect wildlife.

Until such time as a world government emerges to protect the Earth, it must be our responsibility.




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2 thoughts on “The US Government Should Buy and Protect Rainforests, Habitats

  1. Great thinking Roland. Great.

    Unfortunately it is not what is happening.

    Nor is it what the Bible Predicts will happen.

    Unfortunately we are all going down – ‘in to the pit’, aside from those who Believe.

    As a ‘Super-Optimist’ – even ‘cursed’ with so much Optimism, – I really WISH it were different, but alas, ‘it is written’.

    Keep up your Good Work for the Animals my Fellow-Vegan-Warrior; my Facebook Friend.

    Lord Bless, love Michael. (heart)


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