Noam Chomsky: The Ultimate Sellout

American linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky in conversation at the British Library, London, UK on 19th March 2013. (Photo by David Corio/Redferns)

American linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky in conversation at the British Library, London, UK on 19th March 2013. (Photo by David Corio/Redferns)

The propaganda is so thorough, so pervasive, so ubiquitous, and so complete, that even the most impoverished Americans believe that capitalism is synonymous with freedom.

Free enterprise, free markets, free trade, are Pavlovian bells which cause the multitudes to salivate in agreement.

Little wonder that the left in America is ineffective, impotent, and marginalized.

While Bernie Sanders did offset much of the animus toward socialism, few Americans could explain the system or contrast it with capitalism. Fewer still prioritize it.

That the political left is almost irrelevant is underscored by the absurdity of Noam Chomsky endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Chomsky, the lion of the American, left adds his support of Clinton to that of Charles Koch and Paul Wolfowitz.

It would be humorous if not so terribly tragic.

One can understand Sanders throwing in with the Democrats, as he pledged to do so from the outset as a condition to play in their yard.

That Chomsky would do so is an affront to every leftist in the world, a despicable betrayal of principal, and a bellwether of the inevitability of the state’s power to crush its opponents.

Simply put, the left is rudderless, leaderless, powerless, and unable to mount serious opposition to the state.

Liberal talking heads, entertainers, pundits, politicians, and plutocrats are serving the state with their constant attacks upon Trump, demonizing him for imagined horrors he might commit and for secret beliefs he might harbor.

None of the imagined failings begins to equal the demonstrable record of Hillary Clinton’s complicity in the murders of upwards of a million Muslims in the Middle East.

That a warmonger can be extolled by Noam Chomsky is almost unbelievable.



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12 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: The Ultimate Sellout

  1. Extremely sad situation. Not so much the irrelevance of the “Left,” (they had no chance) but the complete selling out of my intellectual hero since the 60’s to the forces of globalism. How did this happen? What threat did they make to him that he so easily spits out their agenda? I shudder. And fear.


  2. I haven’t seen Chomsky endorse capitlism or even Clinton anywhere. He just says, that as matter of strategy, to vote for Clinton if you are in a swing state–because a Trump presidency would hurt the poor and the left more than a Clinton presidency would. Whether he is right or wrong remains to be seen, but let’s portray his position accurately. He’s hardly a “sell-out.”


  3. He has been clear about why. not selling you, rather endorsing the clear lesser of evils candidate in hopes in minimizing the fallout from the election.

    this analysis, made in a vacuum without mentioning the rest of the prevailing facts, Trump and the policies he’s put forward at how and abroad, is a dishonest depiction, relying on a single snapshot and not the whole set of circumstance.


      • It’s clear that the greens have a laughable candidate.

        Jill Stein. Hasn’t won an election ever, aside from being a town meeting member, and no real political experience. She’s got a nice sounding agenda, except no ability at all to get it done, since the greens have no presence in congress. So, backing her accomplishes nothing.

        Meanwhile, you’ve got a candidate that actively denies climate change, wants to restore the us coal industry to its prior glory, actively lobbies against the 1st, 4th and 14th amendments, and is pushing a tax plan that essentially assures the billionaire class and their descendants an almost tax-free existence. That’s who were looking at. Forget Russia ties and the rest.

        The left needs to look at the rights tea party playbook. After trying and failing twice to field Perot as a third part candidate, they learned and fielded candidates within their own party, transformed it in a couple election cycles.

        Unfortunately, we appear to have no patience for the “long game” and by insisting on short term moves (voting Jill) forgetting that the first priority of making progress (as in progressive) is to not lose the gains you’ve already made. So if one election is about treading water, not getting sent all the way back to Go, that’s not a waste, that’s being pragmatic, and hardly selling out.

        That’s my perspective at least!


      • I do not disagree with the idea of taking over the Democratic party. It would be far easier and practical to do so than to build a national party from the ground. But the way to do that is to clean house of the Wall Street Democrats, and certainly neither nominate nor elect one of their own. With Hillary in office she will stack the Democratic leadership as Obama did. The presidency is a powerful force in the party and progrssives can expect to be marginalized for Hillary’s entire tenure. With Trump in office, progressives will have the opportunity to shape the Democrats into a demcratic socialist model. We will certainlynominate a progresive in 2020. Democrats will sweep the 2018 midterms, assuring a take back of enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment in 2020. Should Hillary be elected, it will be the Republicans who sweep in 2018, and Republicasn will get to do in 2020 what they did in 2010: Draw congressional lines to assure a REpublican majority in the House for another decade.
        Any so-called liberals who are supporting Hillary are playing into the hands of the establishment and serving the oligarchy, Chomsky included.


  4. Only one case in point is HRC’s support of Monsanto to be bought by Bayer child of IG Farben
    supporter of the Nazis. Can anyone name a Trump
    connection to Hitler? I know of none. Please enlighten me if I am mistaken.


  5. It breaks the heart, so much more that this comes on the heals of his brilliant Requiem For The American Dream. He knows well that Hillary is the scourge of neoliberalism. Does Chomsky think we can survive WWIII?


  6. We do NOT have “Free Enterprise,” “Free Trade” or “Free Markets,” we have corporate socialism and monopolies. We need to return to Fair Markets, Fair Trade and stop subsidizing the most profitable industries in the world.


  7. I used to extol Noam, but what a disappointment. He is a sellout. I equate capitalism with slavery. Thanks for the briefing. I will not buy, his latest book. My political hero list is getting so much shorter. Noam is following after Bernie. He was on my list, until he endorsed Hillary. I may move to a swing state, in time to vote for Trump. I have to find out, about the deadline for PA voter registration and residency requirement. I was born there and have a US passport, (my only ID), which shows my birth in Philadelphia.


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