In Opposing Trump, Liberals Become All that They Despise

trump-naziLiberals have always been the adults in the room. The voices of reason. The compassionate ones. Those who provided leadership and a moral compass. The epitome of reason. Rational. Sympathetic. Caring.

Until now.

Until Donald Trump.

Now liberals are virtually indistinguishable from those whom they despise. The bigots. The racists. The mindless drones who eschew reason and common sense. The sheep who pass for people.

Liberals have lost their sense of right and wrong. They are so consumed with hatred for Trump over his real and imagined shortcomings that they embrace the philosophy that the ends justify the means, that they freely indulge in spreading lies, misinformation, fear, and propaganda.

Otherwise intelligent people seem oblivious to the dichotomy. Even engaging in such juvenile, hateful, schoolyard attacks as body-shaming seems to be perfectly OK with Trump’s enemies.

Liberals opposed to Trump have become the despicable people they abhor and often criticize.

Nor do reasoned pleas for perspective and substance reach them.

They are as oblivious to Hillary’s faults as they are to the absurdity of their own conduct.

If one is a liberal, it is the height of stupidity to support Hillary Clinton. She is a neocon. Her foreign policy is the same as that of Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. She is a warmonger. She has the blood of over a million Muslims on her hands. She opposes universal healthcare, legalizing pot, and supports the death penalty. She is owned by Wall Street, Big Oil, and the military-industrial complex. The establishment seeks to demonize Trump with ludicrous suggestions that he will involve us in war, when in fact Hillary is the one threatening war with Russia and bombing Iran. Trump wants cooperation with Russia.

Hillary’s positions on trade are the same as W’s. She called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade deals until Bernie ran against her. Now she says she opposes it “as written” which is not the same as opposing it. If Hillary is elected we will get the TPP, her owners support it!

Hillary rants about Citizens United as though she is interested in removing money from politics. The movement to overturn Citizens United is a joke. All that would do is return bribery to 2010 levels. What we need is a ban on private money in politics and public financing of campaigns. Hillary opposes public financing of campaigns.

Hillary is no liberal.

She is the enemy.




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