I Am Voting Against any Democrat Who Supported Hillary in the Primaries

no way in HellPrior to the Democratic convention, when it was clear that Hillary and her supporters had engaged in election fraud to defeat Bernie Sanders, I made the following pledge:

Not only will I be voting against Hillary, I will be voting against the hacks who supported her. Against the superdelegates, against the system, against Wall Street, Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the military-industrial complex.

I am not talking about voting against them in the primaries. The primaries will be over by the time the Democrats nominate their candidate. I’m talking about voting against incumbent conservative Democrats in November.”

And now it is time to reassert that pledge, and to remind all who joined with me in that resolve to follow through.

I will only be voting for pro Bernie Democrats down ballot. I will be voting against any down ballot Wall Street Democrats and Hillary supporters. My goal is to wrest control of the party from the conservative shills that have been running the party for decades.

I will not be throwing away my vote in protest. I will be voting and working to elect Donald Trump.

Voting for Trump is not a vote for the lesser of two evils, but is a vote to excise evil from control of the Democratic party.

I respect Jill Stein of the Greens, just as I respect Clifton Roberts of the Humane party. But a vote for either would be a vote to assuage my conscience, not a strategic one in furtherance of Bernie’s revolution.

My analysis would apply regardless of whom is the Republican nominee. Bernie’s political revolution is too important to sacrifice it on the altar of short term political convenience. That we have to endure a Republican for a term is a very cheap price to pay to assure a fundamental change in the Democratic party. When you add the fact that Hillary, if elected, will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats lose any chance of controlling reapportionment in 2020, and that if elected, Trump will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats will gain and hold the House of Representatives for a decade, the choice is a compelling one for electing Trump.

On trade there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and George W Bush. On foreign policy there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and Dick Cheney. Under the control of Wall Street Democrats, there is no appreciable difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party.

Time to clean house.

If Hillary is defeated we will nominate a true progressive in 2020. If she wins, the progressive agenda will be moved back until 2024.




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3 thoughts on “I Am Voting Against any Democrat Who Supported Hillary in the Primaries

    • That has to be the most ridiculous comment ever posted on this blog. Perhaps on any blog. To suggest that half the voters in the country are committing treason with their votes is an asinine thing to assert. Are you old enough to vote? I ask because you sound very immature.


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