Trump wins even when he loses

What most liberals do not understand is that the popularity of Sanders was his insurgency message more than his policy message. A similar dynamic is driving Trump’s popularity. Most Trump supporters are not racist bigots, as liberals believe, but pissed off working people.


By Robert J. Garrison

I know what you’re thinking. “Robert, what are you smoking?” Please hear me out, I mean really hear me out.

Hillary is a policy wonk, which appeals to the elites and pundits, but not to voters so much, which is why I give her a very slight razor’s edge win. According to Real Clear Politics which averages out all the polls, Clinton gained just over 1% bounce in the national polls a couple of days after the debate. Yet the overall bounce has been around 2-3%.

A new Fox News poll showed Hillary gaining 2-3% since the beginning of September; However, Trump’s numbers remained unchanged during that same time. That is not something that you would expect. So what’s going on? That proves that Hillary Clinton won the debate right? Not so fast.

While I am sure that Clinton gained in the polls because of her debate…

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