Why Trump will win unless the left puts on their game face

The author here is trying to ignite the left to stop Trump, but his observations should be put in the context of the opportunity a Trump win presents to the left. With Hillary Clinton out of the way and out of the White House, progressives will be able to re-invent the Democratic party without the overbearing interference of a corporatist president.


By Matt Johnson

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has been blogging about Donald J. Trump for the past year and half. And since the beginning, he has been predicting Trump will win in a landslide. At first glance, this seems insane. How is it possible that a racist and bigot could not only win the presidency, but do it in a landslide?

If you’re a bleeding-heart liberal, this is more than likely the question you’re asking yourself. In addition, you hold the position that Trump is indeed a racist, sexist, bigoted blowhard and you are determined no matter what to state such things often and publicly. However, this does nothing to understand Trump’s appeal or his impending presidency and eventual White House residency, which is precisely the problem.

There are a lot of reasons to believe Trump will win if you remove yourself from the bubble that is modern liberalism. And…

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