There Is No Karma. There Is No Justice. There Is Just Us.


People embrace the idea of karma for the same reasons many embrace religion. To provide a sense of justice in an unfair and cruel world.

At most there are anecdotal instances of karmic justice, as when a bullfighter is gored or a hunter shot. We ascribe such justice to karma. But it is really just the statistical risk of engaging in dangerous activities.

If there really were such a thing as karma it would be ubiquitous. An eye for an eye. No one would be able to inflict more harm than one could suffer. Justice would be universal and the world would make sense. It isn’t and it doesn’t.

If karma existed it would have stopped the Nazi Holocaust as it began. Karma would have dealt with Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Lyndon Johnson, George W Bush, and Hillary Clinton. It would have prevented wars in their infancy. Slavery would have ended immediately as the enslavers themselves became slaves. Lynch mobs would have been lynched. Murderers murdered. Animal abusers subjected to the abuses they committed.

The only karma that exists in the world is that which we mete out.

We are Karma.

As we chanted in the streets, fighting for civil rights, “There is no justice. There is just us.”

We live in a police state. We are ruled by a totalitarian capitalist government. Institutionalized racism, perpetual war, animal exploitation and cruelty, is the norm. And it is protected by the government. Attempts to end such horrors are met with government force. The state’s thugs meet the state’s enemies with violence.

Any attempts on our part to mete out karma will be met with violence and prison.

In fact, the only way justice will ever be served is through social revolution and bringing down the state.

This election cycle has increased the chances of revolution. The people are witness to the unresponsiveness of our so called leaders, the power of the oligarchy, the farce of democracy, and the corruption of the government.

Until rebellion is finally possible, we must fan the flames, recruit radicals and revolutionaries, join with our leftist brothers and sisters against war, capitalism, racism, and the political whores and cronies who run our government.



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14 thoughts on “There Is No Karma. There Is No Justice. There Is Just Us.

  1. True, there is no Karma. But selecting socialism over capitalism ensures no one will get what they deserve. Capitalism is the fairest system we have ever known because it rewards hard work. Socialism fails and must be enforced with weapons.


  2. I absolutely share your point of view about Karma. Thank you for cutting through noise and expressing the sad truth. I will add one more pessimistic thought to what you have expressed. I think the plight of humanity and all living beings, including trees and forests, on this planet is that evolution went wrong with some humans. Evolution left some prehistoric reptilian genes in some humans which causes them to demonstrate behavior that is twisted and freakish by any standard applied to human or animals. This behavior shows itself in many forms including greed and unabashed ambition, like hillary’s. That is why human civilizations, all over the world and throughout history of Homo sapiens, have always failed after they reached a certain point.


  3. WOW! that piece about Karma is True. Thank you so much I am a follower of you and your postings. They speak truth rights and justice. VIVA LA REVOLUTION. Carry on the good work my friend. Best Wishes Melanie Powell.

    On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 1:58 AM, Armory of the Revolution wrote:

    > Roland Vincent posted: ” People embrace the idea of karma for the same > reasons many embrace religion. To provide a sense of justice in an unfair > and cruel world. At most there are anecdotal instances of karmic justice, > as when a bullfighter is gored or a hunter shot. We as” >

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  4. Your karma is certainly different that mine. Hitler is paying for his shit for several lives.

    Voting is People Power that Kicks Corporate America out of Congress


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