The Founding Fathers Would Be Ashamed of Us!


Our complaints against government today dwarf those complaints of our Founding Fathers 240 years ago. American revolutionaries took up arms against the Crown over modest taxes and an unresponsive King. The Founders of our republic sought to protect subsequent generations from oppressive government. They hadn’t a clue to the evils of capitalism or the power of corporations to control the government.

The first battle for the soul of America was against the Robber Barons and the Trusts that was waged by Teddy Roosevelt. While he won that battle, he lost the war. His Bull Moose (Progressive) party was defeated in 1912, and corporations have controlled the US government ever since.

Today we are faced with a government that is controlled by special interests, Wall Street, Big Oil, the military-industrial complex, Big Ag, Big Pharma, the insurance industry, and the healthcare lobby. Voters and taxpayers have nothing to say about government, policy, or legislation.

It’s not as though taking back government is beyond our grasp. The tools to effect political revolution are at our disposal. We ignore them. The mechanism to break the stranglehold of the oligarchy is available: a constitutional amendment to ban private financing of political campaigns and a ban on gifts to public officials. It would require exceptional political will to enact, but it is doable. It would cripple the ability of capitalism to bribe our leaders and legislators.

Instead, we engage in petty arguments over insubstantial matters. We allow political whores and Wall Street hacks to dictate the terms of our political involvement. We continually elect establishment politicians to office.

We are oblivious to the fact that both political parties are controlled by the same powers.

Our Founding Fathers went to war over much less.

Today’s Americans have no spines. No sense of outrage, no realization of who controls us, no yearning for freedom, no sense of being victimized, no need for justice, and no clue to history.

The Founding Fathers would be horrified and ashamed.

Americans in 2016 are wusses and cowards.

We are dim-witted, unprincipled, ignorant, and afraid.

We are unworthy of being called Americans. Unworthy of the legacy left to us by our revolutionary forebears.

We as a people are joke.

And we deserve the preposterous government we have and the ludicrous state of affairs in which we find ourselves.




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4 thoughts on “The Founding Fathers Would Be Ashamed of Us!

  1. That’s okay we will vote for hillary douche bag, self serving asshole. She will raise our taxes again to buy more votes for the second round of election in four years. We all know what a scheming she devil she is when it comes to serving her own interests. What is Mrs. bill clinton proposing to give welfare crowd for free ( out of tax payers paychecks) now that they have free medical insurance paid for by working people? Free preschools, free in house nursing services, for the start, again all paid for by the working citizens.


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