In 50 Years, the Animal Movement has Saved Fewer Animals than will be Slaughtered in the Next Work Shift


Pointing out this gruesome fact is not to diminish the the lives of those saved or the heroic efforts put forth by animal activists.

Rather, I point it out to put the magnitude of the horrors animals face into perspective. The enormity of the Animal Holocaust is beyond comprehension.

Animal agriculture is responsible for the murders of 100,000 animals per minute, 24/7, 52 weeks per year.

Upwards of 60 billion slaughtered Earthlings every year, and increasing as you read this. And that does not include the 2,500 billion sea creatures who are killed each year. 

If the animal movement saves a million creatures a year, around the world (a generous guesstimate), that is about the number slaughtered in the next ten minutes.

The single most important issue of our Age is the Animal Holocaust. It should dwarf every other concern by orders of magnitude. Yet it is ignored by most, unmentioned in the press, scorned by conservatives, and unheard of by the public at large.

Unlike Nazi Germany, whose murderous policies were not fully grasped by the world, most of the world is complicit in the Animal Holocaust. Every person who eats meat, fowl, eggs, or fish, wears leather, or drinks milk is part of the cycle of slavery and murder. And each person is responsible for thousands of innocent animals’ deaths over their lifetime.

So, what do we do?

Only government can stop the Animal Holocaust. And that is not likely to happen for decades, if not centuries. Even if the public were amenable to severe restrictions on the production of meat, dairy and eggs, the political will to implement reform does not exist. Just as the NRA has been able to thwart the will of the public for comprehensive background checks on gun sales, Big Ag would similarly be able to prevent Congress from enacting sweeping laws which would reduce the Holocaust.

Under current law, Big Ag is able to bribe Congressmen and Senators. Corporate political contributions and gifts to public officials make a mockery of democratic government.

Our government supports the killing industries with subsidies, price supports, and the use of public lands. The government is owned by Big Ag, for all practical purposes. Nominal rental fees for grazing, wild horse roundups and slaughter, tax payers’ money to prop up prices for milk, etc, are all because Big Ag bribes Congress.

The obvious counter-attack is to defeat the Republicans and conservative Democrats who conspire to steal tax money for the corporations who pay them off.

An actual solution would be to ban corporate political contributions. Both are on the agenda of the most liberal Democrats.

The political process is painfully slow to respond to issues not on the public’s radar. We cannot defeat conservatives on issues that do not capture the enthusiasm of the electorate, so we work to defeat them on issues that the public agrees with us on. In doing so we elect liberals. An incredibly important step in our strategy to reduce animal suffering in the short term, and to secure Animal Rights in the long term.

If the human species survives capitalism and environmental disaster (the jury is still out on this), a future, enlightened human society will look back upon the Animal Holocaust with the same incredulity we experience as we look back upon the horrors committed by Nazi Germany.

For those of us who believe all life is sacred, one species cannot ever justifiably carry out a genocide against others. And those responsible for such crimes against animals should be brought to justice.

Our current political system will never provide that justice, nor will it end the horrors. Our present political system is a tool of the capitalist interests which profit on the deaths of calves, lambs, piglets, and chickens.

They are just making money. Because the horror is legal. Owning other creatures is permitted. Torturing and killing them is perfectly OK. Such is the product of capitalist rationale and justification.

Capitalists are running slaughterhouses, factory farms, feed lots, packing plants, wholesalers, markets, restaurants, trading on the corpses of innocent creatures who wanted to live as desperately as do you. Creatures who had families, mothers, babies. Who suffered unspeakable cruelty, terror, and pain.

One hundred thousand died while you read this far. Two hundred thousand if you are a slow reader.

Only a revolution will end capitalism. It might be political or it may occur in the streets. But when it comes, animal activists need to be there to help control the reins of government.

We must make sure a revolutionary government and society is a vegan one.

Even if it is not vegan, such a government will undoubtedly end animal agriculture.

Future socialist governments will be more concerned about the environment than any other matter. The very existence of our species is threatened by climate change. Protecting the environment and feeding the world will almost assuredly mean the end of animal agriculture. Central economic planning could eliminate animal exploitation industries.

Whether the proscription of animal murder and consumption occurs at the local level will depend on how well placed animal activists will be in future revolutionary governments.

In the interim, we must continue to fight for human and animal liberation with our uneasy leftist allies. Mutual cooperation and coalitions will assure far more successful campaigns than uncoordinated ones.

We must work politically to force Big Ag to undertake costly reforms to their business models. Making money is what Big Ag is all about. They do not give a damn about animals or their suffering. They will continue to use the most cruel and brutal methods they can get away with to produce animal corpses as cheaply as possible.

Our task is to cripple Big Ag, if possible. Certainly impact them as much as possible.

The most important is our demand that they slow down their slaughter lines. Fast slaughter lines are supported by conservative politicians because they mean more profits for business. But fast slaughter lines mean cattle are cut up while still conscious, that they are alive when their legs are chainsawed off and their skin ripped from their bodies, that chickens are still alive when thrown into boiling vats of water to remove their feathers.

One of every 12 cows and calves is still conscious when being cut apart by chainsaws! All because of greed.

Big Ag wants to continue the cruelty because reducing cruelty is expensive, and it reduces profits.

The scumbag lobbyists for Big Ag bribe scumbag conservative legislators to block all compassionate legislation. They block moves to end veal crates, to end gestation crates, to end de-horning, to end de-beaking, to end branding, or requiring the use of anesthesia for painful procedures like castration or tooth removal.

Until a revolution, we cannot shoot the killers, arrest the boards of directors, or burn down the slaughterhouses and the packing plants.

So we must wield votes until we can wield weapons.

And in doing so we will lessen the torture our fellow Earthlings endure.


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7 thoughts on “In 50 Years, the Animal Movement has Saved Fewer Animals than will be Slaughtered in the Next Work Shift

  1. Great but depressing summation.

    So 60 million animals a year are sacrificed to feed the growing human population. The article notes the following: “Only government can stop the Animal Holocaust . . . . Under current law, Big Ag is able to bribe Congressmen and Senators. Corporate political contributions and gifts to public officials make a mockery of democratic government.”

    Big Ag is an especially ugly example of capitalism. It owns animal lives from the moment they are born until it destroys them. Big Ag also has the technology to create ever faster kill lines to increase profits at the price of increased suffering.

    However, there is another side to the equation, one that could bring the slaughter lines to a standstill. People could refuse to comply. They could stop the demand. They could take to the streets by the thousands to protest. They could phone and email until they shut down the computer systems of both the Congress and the slaughter industry. They could vote current legislators out of office and donate to candidates who would fight Big Ag.

    The Civil Rights Movement did not win by signing petitions or handing out leaflets. They protested, got arrested, got killed, stood up to the Bull Connors of the South, and paid whatever price they had to for their moral victory.

    Unfortunately, the animals cannot help themselves, and there are not enough of us who care about their lives and suffering to wage the kind of war they need.

    Human beings enable Big Ag to be the successful monster it is by their indifference, self-centeredness, and greed.

    Shutting down the slaughter lines would be a great exercise in democracy, as well as a moral victory. Too bad enough of us don’t care.


    • An excellent idea! Your observation that there are not enough of us who care is all too true. And the kind of war the animals need to be waged is beyond the current ability of the animal movement, or at least beyond its vision.


  2. It would be a miracle, if in my lifetime, I could see the end of the Taiji dolphin hunt and the Canadian seal slaughter, let alone anything like even a reduction of meat production.
    I do believe that over population is a major contributor to the whole mess, but only one environmental group even mentions it…The Center for Biological Diversity. Until people curb their birth rates, there really is no hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Climate change is going to drastically reduce human population. We are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s history. Even if the human race survives it, our numbers will be reduced dramatically.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Some days I just can’t stand to wait 30-50 years until humans go extinct by our own greed. Sadly, we will take most life forms with us. Meanwhile, those of us who cling to the vestiges of moral humanity can only speak up for the innocent, try not to add to the vast sufferings accepted by most with no consciousness, and hope that some non-human life may continue after our blitzkrieg. If there is a deity, it must be struck with the irony that our desire to eat the corpses of innocents is what will bring about our own end, more than any other single evil. The movie Cowspiracy, without addressing the moral problems, showed the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture. (

    “Runaway warming would, over the course of a century or so, serve to render the planet uninhabitable. Quite a legacy….But think about the political will we need: to immediately cease fossil fuel exploration, start shutting down coal mines, and put in place a plan for managed decline of the fossil fuel industry; to double or triple the global budget for clean energy research, development, and deployment; to transfer billions of dollars from wealthy countries to poorer ones, to protect them from climate impacts they are most vulnerable to but least responsible for; and quite possibly, if it comes to it, to limit the consumptive choices of the globe’s wealthiest and most carbon-intensive citizens. That level of political will is nowhere in evidence, in any country.” And that is with no consideration of methane, far more deadly, insidious and widespread than carbon…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A hard hitting, thought provoking truth. I’ve just been having this exact conversation with my daughter in relation to Trump vs Clinton. Deep, deep sadness as your words are as true here in the UK and the rest of Europe.


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