Repeat after me: “You Asshole…..”


Are you planning on voting for Hillary?

Are you afraid of Donald Trump?

Has the Hillary campaign frightened you into voting for her?

Please remember this moment.

Write it down!

This is the day you should have known better.

This is the warning that electing Hillary will guarantee that Democrats will lose the House until at least 2030.

Please extract your head from your ass for a few moments.

If Hillary is elected in 2016, Democrats will lose the midterm elections in 2018.

One need only look at 2014, the last midterm elections, to see what I mean.

Even with a popular incumbent president, we managed to lose House and Senate seats, and to be swept at the state level across the country.

Under Hillary we will do much worse in 2018. She will be the most unpopular newly elected president in American history. And she will guarantee major losses across the country in 2018.

Thirty two governorships are at stake in 2018. Even if Democrats break even, we will not have enough states to control reapportionment in 2020.

Which means Republicans will be able to gerrymander the House after the 2020 Census.

Which means we will not have a chance to gain control of Congress for another decade!

Republicans will control the House until 2030!

Please print out this page.

Place it in a safe place.

Do not take it out until 2020.

If you voted for Hillary, and she was elected, please look in a mirror and recite this after reapportionment:

You asshole!

Thank you for fucking up the country until 2032.”



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16 thoughts on “Repeat after me: “You Asshole…..”

  1. For anyone who thinks voting for democrats is better for animals, educate yourself instead of believing what you are told to believe. When it comes to animal welfare and the environment, there is very little difference between democrats and republicans. I give you New Jersey as a case study. New jersey went democrat in 1992 and stayed that way. But the liberal policies of the state has done nothing to protect the wild life in New Jersey from hunters and trappers.
    Here is the two faces the liberal democratic state of New Jersey

    1) New Jersey politics: quoted from Wikipedia
    “From 1943 to 1979, New Jersey was represented in the US Senate by a Democrat and a Republican.
    Beginning in 1992, New Jersey has voted for Democrats in every presidential election. Bill Clinton won a plurality of New Jersey’s popular vote in 1992, and in 1996, became the first Democrat in 32 years to win a majority of New Jersey’s popular vote. The shift in New Jersey’s presidential politics reflected how the politics of the Republican Party had become out of step with the politics of New Jersey.
    Today, the state legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic, and has been since the early 2000s. There are 700,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.“

    2) While the welfare crowd rule and terrify the residents in the urban jungles like Newark and Jersey city, the disgruntled republican minority living in the rural areas console themselves with hunting and trapping of wildlife. New Jersey has more than 750,000 acres of public land (state, federal, county and municipal) all open for hunting of deer and now bears. The hunters routinely trap and kill animals like fox and coyotes.
    For the past four decades, vast areas of pine forests and wetlands were replaced with houses and shopping malls and that gives New Jersey municipalities another reason for killing animals. Each year geese and other migratory birds that over stay their welcome are killed in a variety of ways, such as clubbing and crushing of skulls or by gassing or shooting, all to keep golf courses and yacht clubs free of bird dropping.

    All and all everybody in the liberal state of New Jersey seems to be getting something out of the democrats, except for the wildlife.


    • As a rule, the left is more animal friendly than is the right, but that is not always the case. A litmus test would be which party has the more vegans. I am unaware of a single Republican officeholder anywhere in the country who is vegan. Not one!


  2. I don’t think the anti-establishments of either party – Progressives or the Tea Party – have half a chance of taking control of their prospective parties. The Tea Party was co-opted by the Kochs, and the Palin’s were put center-stage to discredit the whole movement. Occupy Wall Street was discredited by the entrapment of the Cleveland 4 (the FBI coerced young, disillusioned kids into planting a fake bomb on a closed bridge, the arrest of the ‘Occupy Terrorists’ the biggest news of the week), and the DNC is more than willing to undermine any anti-establishment candidates to protect the nominations of Neo-Liberals.

    I really think support for third-parties is the best way forward. Get a third in, and one of the other two eventually withers and dies, like the Whigs or something. The establishments are far too capable and willing to undermine anything contagious within their own ranks.


    • This year, against the longest odds, Bernie Sanders came close to denying Hillary her coronation. He was up against a sitting president and a stacked Democratic National Committee. If Hillary is elected, she is virtually guaranteed the 2020 nomination. But if Trump prevails, a progressive will almost certainly win the Democratic nomination in 2020, and would stand an excellent chance of defeating Trump.
      Of as much importance is reapportionment of the House, which occurs every ten years, based upon the Census. In 2010, Republicans gerrymandered district lines to assure a Republican majority in the House for a decade.
      For the Democrats to control reapportionment, they must retake a majority of statehouses and legislative chambers across the country by 2020. The chances of them doing so with Hillary as president are negligible. Republicans will sweep in 2018, and will gerrymander the House in 2020 as they did in 2010.
      But if Trump wins, it will be the Democrats who sweep the midterms, and will most likely carry enough states into 2020 to control reapportionment. The result? A Democratic House until 2032.

      As for third parties, there is no future for them so long as the Electoral College is provided for in the Constitution. If no candidate achieves a majority of Electoral votes, the race is thrown into the House. Each state’s congressional delegation then gets to cast one vote for president. This year, such an eventuality favors Trump, as Republicans control a majority of states in the House. Unless, and until, a third party controls a majority of congressional delegations, there is no possibility of a third party winning the White House.


  3. I love this one! Nobody tells it like Roland. He’s got the guts to speak out. I had considered Trump a buffoon for a long time but when I stop and really think about it, Hillary is far worse than him. Yes, she’s more “presidential” in her speech, mannerisms and bearing. But she’ll screw up the country far worse. She’ll be Obama on steroids She is evil. She’s itching to start world war 3 on behalf of the military-industrial complex to which she is political whore. Russia and China hate her for this reason. Think globally as well as domestically (vis-vis Roland’s analysis herein). A great deal more is at stake than whether or not Trump actually grabbed a woman’s crotch … After all, Bill said he never inhaled (please…) These sociopaths lie and cheat and brag constantly. If you can’t vote for either, vote for Jill Stein. That’s a protest vote. Not voting at all is pathetic and you’ll only have yourself to blame if chaos reigns.

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  4. It is uncanny how the mainstream media is so successful in leading the majority of public to whatever direction they want to. No matter the conditions and the odds, they bring the majority in line with what they want. They transform the public opinion from one thing to an entirely another thing.

    It happened in 2003 when Bush administration decided to invade Iraq and his administration with the help of the media made “weapons of mass destruction” a household word. Thus US went against the will of the entire world and invaded a country that had nothing to do with US. Now it is happening with this election.

    I can even see it playing like a movie when a bunch of power brokers got together and they said Hillary it is for the next two terms. They drew up their plans and set their cronies and the media to work to engineer a coup in favor of the most hated, gutless, morally bankrupt politician who for thirty years showed nothing but incompetency, lies and deceits.

    Once again the majority are falling in line and being led to the voting polls completely brain washed and clueless of the real consequences of their choice. Once again, the media and the powerful special interests have successfully duped the American public, with the inception of one simple idea! Anyone is better than trump. Thus no matter what hillary has done she is still the better choice for many!

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  5. I think a little too strong. Besides, if Dems win we’ll still have corruption, drones, wars, charter schools, and the monied class and corporations running the country.

    It is a lose-lose election. Had Sanders not given in and ran or endorsed Stein, there may have been a chance.

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    • The difference being that progressives will be positioned to take over the Democrats if Hillary loses. With a Wall Street Democrat as president, stacking the DNC and thwarting progressives, we have a good chance to nominate and elect a honest-to-God liberal in 2020.


    • Hardly! Hillary is worse than Trump by orders of magnitude!. Take an objective look at what a Trump vs Hillary result looks like:
      The party in the White House has lost every midterm election for the past half century. There is no doubt it will happen again in 2018. It is the most important consideration of this election cycle, as reapportionment in 2020 is dependent upon the 2018 and 2020 state races. Thirty two governorships are up in 2018. Those will almost certainly determine the makeup of those states’ legislative chambers. Additionally, some measure of effect will be made by the presidential contenders in 2020.
      If Hillary is elected this year:
      Republicans take the 2018 midterms by storm. They will certainly do better than they did in 2014 when they swept the midterms and most state races. Hillary will be the 2020 nominee, almost guaranteeing that no Democratic gains will be made down ballot, whether she wins or loses a re-election bid. Republicans will control reapportionment after the 2020 Census, and will gerrymander the House to assure Republican control until 2032. Win or lose in 2020, Democrats will not be able to nominate a true progressive until 2024. Even if we take back the Senate in 2016, and hold it in 2020 and 2022, the House is lost to Democrats for another decade.
      Democrats will not have the opportunity to control the White House and both houses of Congress until 2032!
      If Trump is elected this year:
      Democrats will sweep the 2018 midterms, and likely retake enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control 2020 reapportionment. Democrats will draw congressional districts that will assure Democratic majorities in the House until the 2030 Census. With Hillary out of the way, Democrats will nominate and likely elect a true progressive in 2020. Even if we do not succeed in retaking the Senate in 2016, we most assuredly will in 2018. The great likelihood is that Democrats will control the White House and both houses of Congress by 2022.
      2022 with a Trump win! 2032 with a Hillary win!
      Hillary will cost the progressive movement at least ten years. Ten years of killing in foreign wars. Ten years of uninsured people in American suffering and dying. Ten years of unfair trade deals, of Americans out of work, of more factories closing. Ten years of Wall Street further destroying the middle class. Ten years of the oligarchy consolidating its power.


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