Don’t Confuse Me with Facts! The Big, Bad, Bogeyman is Coming!


That stupid people can easily be manipulated is understandable. That rational, intelligent ones can be is astounding.

But fear is a great equalizer. When the weapon of misinformation is employed against the populace, both the stupid and the intellectuals, and all in between, can be caught up in the herd.

The Pavlovian response to Trump by otherwise reasonable liberals is typical of the effects of orchestrated propaganda.

Negative campaigning is as old as the Republic. It is usually used to augment a positive campaign. However, in this election cycle Hillary Clinton is so unpopular with even her own supporters that almost her entire campaign as been one of making Trump the bad guy.

As a result, most of Hillary’s voters are voting for her out of fear of Trump.

And with that fear comes an inability to rationally evaluate either Trump or Hillary.

With simple comparisons of the candidates beyond many people’s capabilities, sophisticated and nuanced concepts of strategy and cause and effect analysis fall hopelessly on deaf ears and closed minds.

For Democrats who actually engage in critical thinking, the full effect of a Hillary win comes into view.

The party in the White House has lost every midterm election for the past half century. There is no doubt it will happen again in 2018. It is the most important consideration of this election cycle, as reapportionment in 2020 is dependent upon the 2018 and 2020 state races. Thirty two governorships are up in 2018. Those will almost certainly determine the makeup of those states’ legislative chambers. Additionally, some measure of effect will be made by the presidential contenders in 2020.

Consider what happens if Hillary is elected this year:

Republicans take the 2018 midterms by storm. They will certainly do better than they did in 2014 when they swept the midterms and most state races. Hillary will be the 2020 nominee, almost guaranteeing that no Democratic gains will be made down ballot, whether she wins or loses a re-election bid. Republicans will control reapportionment after the 2020 Census, and will gerrymander the House to assure Republican control until 2032. Win or lose in 2020, Democrats will not be able to nominate a true progressive until 2024. Even if we take back the Senate in 2016, and hold it in 2020 and 2022, the House is lost to Democrats for another decade.

Consider what happens if Trump is elected this year:

Democrats will sweep the 2018 midterms, and likely retake enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control 2020 reapportionment. Democrats will draw congressional districts that will assure Democratic majorities in the House until the 2030 Census. With Hillary out of the way, Democrats will nominate and likely elect a true progressive in 2020. Even if we do not succeed in retaking the Senate in 2016, we most assuredly will in 2018. The great likelihood is that Democrats will control the White House and both houses of Congress by 2022.

The concern expressed by many should Trump assume office is the makeup of SCOTUS. His first appointment will replace the deceased Scalia, in effect making us no worse off than we were a few months ago. Whether other vacancies open is problematical. However, there is little doubt that either Trump or Hillary will appoint capitalist Wall Street jurists to the Court, with varying positions on social issues. An enlightening example of how even Democratic appointees are tools of the oligarchy was the recent unanimous decision to overturn the corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, in effect giving a green light to political bribery and influence peddling.

Clinton rhetoric and establishment propaganda aside, there is no risk that any of Trump’s controversial positions will ever reach his desk from a divided Congress. No border wall, no mass deportations (at least none more aggressive than Obama’s have been), none of the ludicrous fantasies contained in the Republican platform.

The risks of a Trump presidency are in the minds of easily deluded liberals.

The benefit of a Trump presidency will be the re-invention of the Democratic party.

The Democrats will no longer be a war party or a tool of Wall Street.

It will be a progressive party.

But it will not happen if Hillary is president.

Hillary will cost the progressive movement at least ten years. Ten years of killing in foreign wars. Ten years of uninsured people in American suffering and dying. Ten years of unfair trade deals, of Americans out of work, of more factories closing. Ten years of Wall Street further destroying the middle class. Ten years of the oligarchy consolidating its power.



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6 thoughts on “Don’t Confuse Me with Facts! The Big, Bad, Bogeyman is Coming!

  1. What you fail to point out is that via WikiLeaks we now know that Hillary & Co conspired with her Corrupt corporate media allies 2 months before Trump even announced to ‘Elevate’ him in the media. They ended up choosing him as the person they wanted to run against and using corrupt media to MAKE IT SO! The Harvard Study on media coverage that came out this summer shows that It Worked! They gave mostly positive coverage to Trump until he was winning and then started going more negative on him.


    They knew what an awful candidate she is and came up with this strategy to get her elected and unfortunatley it’s been working very well for them.


    • I urge all in non-swing states to vote for Jill Stein. And for all in swing states to vote Trump. This strategy is imperative to deny CLinton the presidency, and it will help propel the Greens to the 5% needed to secure federal funding in 2020.


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