We Can Do It With a Constitutional Convention or We Can Do It in the Streets

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Consumers are ultimately why animals are murdered for their flesh and skins.

The problem is that we cannot stop consumers in the market place.

We are attempting to fight profit making industries spending billions on advertising and propaganda with pleas of compassion driven by activists’ meager wallets.

We argue for veganism, we leaflet, post, email, message, and march for the animals and to educate a public that does not give a damn.

Meanwhile Big Ag pours millions into fighting us, bribing Congress, saturating the airways with advertising, stuffing our mailboxes with ads, coupons, and promotions for corpses of animals that only wanted to live.

To reduce demand requires driving up costs, and with them, prices. That is a goal we can achieve through government.

Banning GMOs (will increase feed costs), more humane procedures (will increase processing costs), reducing subsidies, abolishing Wildlife Services, increasing grazing costs, banning antibiotics, requiring feedlot reform, requiring in-transit feeding and watering of victims, requiring every animal to be unconscious when butchered, every carcass to be inspected, veterinary inspection every animal on the lines, requiring veterinary care of every animal injured in transit or on feedlots, requiring CCTV in every slaughter facility and factory farm, substantially increased criminal and civil penalties for employees, owners, and institutions for cruelty or negligence, would all drive up costs for the production of corpses.

All are impossible goals at present, as legislators are bribed to oppose such measures.

But there is a path to stopping Big Ag, or at the very least, a path to severely crippling them.

Ending all private financing of campaigns and all gifts to public officials would break the back of Big Ag.

Prices would escalate, demand would drop, fewer animals would be bred to die.

To avoid courts striking down laws aimed at ending private financing of campaigns, a constitutional amendment would be required.

As the oligarchy controls the government through campaign contributions and legalized bribery, every organization in the country which advocates for the environment, civil rights, consumer protection, patients, prisoners, women, children, animals, animal protection, etc, would enthusiastically embrace a campaign to require public financing of campaigns, ban private money in politics, and ban gifts to public officials.

The Constitution can be amended by the ratification of a single amendment or by a Constitutional Convention, at which multiple changes can be made to the Constitution.

Constituencies that would also be interested in constitutional protections could join with animal activists in calling for a Constitutional Convention to advance protected status for LGBTs, the elderly, the disabled, to enshrine voting rights in the Constitution, to protect the environment, to guarantee women’s equality, and to make healthcare a basic human right.

The Constitution could be also be amended to jettison the Electoral College, to adopt proportional representation, and to limit terms of House Members and Senators.

A Constitutional Convention would spell the end of the oligarchy, a restoration of our democratic Republic, and an effective political revolution.



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