Veterinary Services Should Be Free to Any Animal in Need.


The right to medical care should be universal, for people as well as animals.

But many people who fully subscribe to the right of humans to be cared for are oblivious to the plight of animals who desperately need care and treatment but who are owned by people who do not have the resources to provide that care.

Opposition to universal healthcare comes from the political right. Conservatives begrudge healthcare to the poor and infirm as wasteful government expenditures. Using that logic, one would assume that conservatives in the animal movement also oppose healthcare for animals in need.

I personally cannot comprehend why anyone would consider tax dollars to be more valuable than human and animal life, but such is the case with political conservatives.

All domesticated animals, and all wild animals in captivity, are the result of human interference with nature.

There are no wild poodles. No collies running through the woods. No packs of pit bulls or rottweilers hunting game. No Persian cats in nature.

Nor are there wild Jersey cows or wild Duroc pigs. No Rhode Island Red chickens in nature, either.

Humans have created genetic changes in animals that have made them unable to survive in nature. Humans fashioned animals to make them more docile, to produce more meat or milk, to lay more eggs, to do work for humans, to make them dependent upon humans. The result is that there are billions of animals that humans can exploit, enslave, and murder.

In creating companion animals, humans bred dogs to work, to hunt, to amuse, and to serve human vanity.

Every single one of those animals and their offspring are entitled to be cared for by human society.

Nor should any companion animal be killed for convenience in municipal death camps (euphemistically called “shelters”). Whatever the cost in taxes, staffing, training, and veterinary care, every single unwanted animal has the right to live, and human society has the responsibility to keep them alive, safe, and healthy.

We have made animals our slaves and our companions, and their well being is human responsibility.

So long as society continues to possess animals, and so long as our law permits it, so should our law require that medical care be made available to any animal that needs it.



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14 thoughts on “Veterinary Services Should Be Free to Any Animal in Need.

  1. So many medical problems with animals are due to human abuse, neglect, irresponsibility, and interference. But as usual, individuals don’t want to be or have to be accountable. Then society should make resources available for help the same way it makes up for irresponsible patents.

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  2. I Agree!Humans have caused this problem and it’s our moral responsibility to see to it these animals are well taken care of and start acting like human beings,thinking of ways to care for these animals and control people from over breeding.Making new laws would be a start,without laws nothing is being broken and the crap keeps getting worse.Maybe put birth control in the animal food,since too many heartless people keep ignoring we have a problem and killing is not the answer we need!Time to hold humans accountable for bad choices!

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  3. “Opposition to universal healthcare comes from the political right. Conservatives begrudge healthcare to the poor and infirm as wasteful government expenditures. Using that logic, one would assume that conservatives in the animal movement also oppose healthcare for animals in need.”

    This is BS, and you are DEAD wrong about this. I run a rescue operation, I am a conservative and I DO NOT begrudge healthcare for the poor, infirm, or most importantly for animals. That broad denouncement is simply not warranted in today’s political landscape. Most of the volunteers that work in my rescue are also conservative—& surprise!– we are all Pro-Choice, and not religious. Part of the resistance associated with your type of labeling, is the fact that you find it necessary to lump everybody into one of two categories, either conservative or liberal… And then demonize and stereotype all “conservatives”. The “Right” is diversifying. The problem with the government running ANY type of healthcare for any BODY that needs it, Is that they will NOT manage it efficiently, just like they don’t manage anything else entrusted to them efficiently, or without corruption. Besides the corruption with a government run healthcare system for animals or humans, there will be waste, subversion of funds, and gross mismanagement. A perfect example is our horrendous Obamacare. It would be an ideal world to be able to provide healthcare for everyone who needs it, and most definitely for animals, who have no voice, no choice, and no way to heal themselves without our help when they need it. Please quit labeling people, and assigning them to groups. You are wrong; people are more diverse in more ways than they ever have been before, and it’s time to acknowledge that.


      • That is why it is being evidenced by the movement of millions of conservatives who are socially “liberal” (for lack of a better term) & fiscally conservative, who are revolting against the “Establishment Right”–because they clearly represent the Elitist Global Agenda–but do not represent us. We want change, we want humane treatment for all animals, and all those who LEGITIMATELY need to be cared for by society; & a whole laundry list of other reasonable governing principles. Maybe that is what a true “Progressive” movement is—those of us who sick-to-death of Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Ag, Big Insurance, Wall Street, and Big Government, that is corrupt to the bone marrow of it. Millions of us “maverick conservatives” care deeply about the plight of animals and are working every way we know how, to bring about a world that has eliminated cruelty for all animals–& it is not necessary to be a rabid vegan to be dedicated to that goal. It helps to be apart of a larger movement that has the same goals–so please don’t assume that all “conservative voters” continue to vote for the Establishment–whose only agenda is to stay in Power.


    • Connie, I agree with you about this blog post’s mischaracterization of conservatives’ reasoning on healthcare, but I have trouble seeing how you could genuinely be concerned for animal welfare and malign “rabid vegans.” Dairy, eggs and meat production all cause millions of sentient creatures to suffer deeply and needlessly. And while some vegans may be annoying from time to time, they’re unlikely to bite or foam at the mouth at you unless you’re a carrot. If you’re a conservative and believe your buying choices can influence the free market, then consider the plight of farm animals when deciding what to eat… or at least try not to dehumanize those doing their best to lower demand for cruelty toward farm animals.

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  4. I totally agree with you! So many animals have to suffer. They can’t tell us what’s wrong with them, where it hurts. They’re not wild anymore but they still have the instinct to hide their weaknesses so as not to be easy prey. When something goes wrong with a pet and the owner can’t afford to take them to the vet, they will either give them up or dump them off somewhere or just let them suffer. I hate the way the whole system works. I love reading your blog although a lot of times it makes me cry, but also makes me angry at all the injustices done to the poor animals. I’ve always loved animals of all kinds. Thank you for doing what you do!

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  5. Yes, there should be universal vet care for animals if in fact the owners have no other resources or at least offer on a sliding scale. No ones pet should die because there are no resources for care. It could be a write off for a vet clinic or donations from an org. or “go fund me”.

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