The Anti-Animal Candidate. Hillary Clinton.


Animal activists who support Hillary are constantly pointing to her HSUS score while a US Senator as proof of Hillary’s being a friend to animals.

Curiously, the HSUS evaluations allow substantial shortcomings to be overlooked.

Suzanne Slater, in sorting through Hillary’s animal record, reports:

“For example, She did NOT sign a bill funding enforcement of how animals are slaughtered!She signed one to humanely euthanize ‘downed’/injured live stock, but refused to sign the bill on how animals are killed!

“Noble of her to sign bills that make her appear like she cares.
Dog fighting, horse meat, etc., none of which she can profit from.
Her ties to agricultural companies are too strong to hold them accountable for slaughtering animals inhumanely, as we all know they do.
No doubt she supports Ag Gag as well!

Senator Clinton abstained from voting at all on Senate Bill 714, which. If it had passed, would have prohibited the use in research of dogs and cats obtained through random sources, which can include theft of family pets and fraudulent response to “free to good home” ads. This bill did not pass and is still being researched.

“She also decided not to sign onto a letter to the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee seeking funds for enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, Animal Welfare Act, and federal animal fighting law, as well as for programs to address the needs of animals in disaster areas, and to ease a shortage of veterinarians in rural and inner-city areas through student loan forgiveness. The funds were awarded in 2009.’” (Thank you to Suzanne for these observations).

However, to get an accurate reading on Hillary and her concern for animals, one needs to look instead at what she has done since leaving the Senate and what she is advocating now. It is very discouraging if animals are your priority, or if even a concern.

Hillary’s animal positions in the Senate were mere puffery and posturing. After leaving the Senate, she became the second most powerful person on the planet. Secretary of State of the United States of America.

What did she do for animals with all that power and influence? Absolutely nothing

She was certainly capable of extorting money from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation, but unable to secure anything for the animals from those same governments. Why?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that animals are not a priority for Hillary Clinton? That they are not even on her radar when she is not campaigning? That personal aggrandizement, wealth, and power are her concerns?

Imagine what she could have done in her position for animals around the world. Imagine how she could have raised public awareness, Promoted animal campaigns, forged alliances with activists and governments, commanded national and worldwide attention to whaling, sealing, bullfighting, trophy hunting, poaching, the slaughter of endangered species for trinkets, trophies, and voodoo medicines.

Did she do any of that? No!

Did she use her influence to change the Obama administration’s horrid record on animals? No!

Did she seek to end wild horse roundups or ban live horse export for slaughter. Did she use her wight to stop Japanese whaling, Canada sealing, the dolphin murders in Tajii or the whale killers in the Faroe Islands? No!

Did she set up interdiction of wildlife trafficking or poaching? Propose sanctions on countries which import ivory and rhino horn? No!

Did she ever do anything for animals during her entire tenure as Secretary of State? Did she ever make a single public statement condemning any atrocity against animals that occur daily around the world? No, she did not!

Now she is supporting our trade agreements which cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of animal each year.

And we are supposed to be impressed because she got some meaningless score while pandering for animal people’s votes a decade ago? That she has a page on her website which spouts meaningless verbiage about her concerns for animals? That she strokes a few animal activists in private meetings?

What we must remember is that she is again running for office and is again pandering to animal people for their votes.

Hillary is one of the animals’ biggest enemies. And nothing she has ever done proves otherwise.

HSUS’s political arm, the Humane Society Legislative Fund, endorsed Hillary in spite of her abysmal record on animals, causing many to wonder why.

The most logical reason would be that Democratic Members of Congress, who carry most of HSUS’s legislation, prevailed upon HSLF to endorse Hillary as a condition of their continued cooperation.



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24 thoughts on “The Anti-Animal Candidate. Hillary Clinton.

  1. Disgusting, but Donald Trump isn’t any better. His sons are avid hunters. Encouraging poaching, and hunting. God help the animals from these CLOWNS running for Presidency.


  2. Thank You Roland for placing this valuable Information before the Public; the American Voters.

    Not one Vegan or Vegetarian should now, knowing these Facts and Truths, vote for Hillary Clinton next week – because of this Information.

    Thank You.

    Lord Bless, love Michael. (heart)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Do either of the candidates care about animals~? Heck neither one even care about ppl….so i would guess that’s a “NO”….as in neither one care about animals…tie them both up and through them into a dark stuffy barn together~! Turkey’s rule~!


    • You are welcome to disagree. But calling me a liar is beyond acceptable rhetoric. If you have a factual basis to refute something I have written, please state it. If you have nothing, please do not comment. BTW, the link you supplied states Page Not Found.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I heard Trans-Pacific-Partnership is pretty bad for animals, it’s pretty bad for everything; Trump is the only one who wants to stop it. No point in voting for a Republican in blue clothing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you know that for a fact? If so bring forth your evidence. Hillary does not support it but im sure you know nothing about it anyway. She had said it was new and was being tested and did say i it could be continued it would need adjustments. If you support Trump you can leave my blog now. because you are no one I wish to know.


      • Trump has already done more to save animals than anyone in history. Because of Trump, both TPP and TTIP are dead. Both would have meant billions of animals being murdered each year.


      • Supposedly ditching the tpp will help china. they are the worst animal abusers and killers ever. Hes done more for animals than anyone is history? lol now I know you’ve been drinking the Trump koolaid. seriously? Has he cancelled it yet?


      • The Trans Pacific Partnership was set to be voted upon in the lame duck session of Congress. With Trump’s victory, Obama gave up trying to get it ratified. Obama also gave up on on TTIP, the Trans-Atlantic Investment Partnership.


    • Don’t get twisted and troll! Go feed your lies to those with simpler minds. The fact of the matter is that hillary never gave a crap about animals, but she is grovelling for votes which is why people like you crash sites like this to troll for hillary. Despicable and dishonest as ever, caught off guard when confronted with her lack of concern for animal welfare, all she can do is point finger.
      The asshole does not have the decency to admit that she has never cared for animal welfare issues.


      • Excuse me but YOU are the one making rude comments on MY blog! Troll. You are the liar slandering Hillary. The people that tweet belive in the cause and it does not crash sites! It is NOT spam. if you don’t agree with my beliefs you know where the door is. You obviously didnt lok at her policy page! If you are smart enough to google she has already helped and co sponsored animal bills and also helped African elephants and more. So YOU stop your lies! Trump is an Eco terrorist, If you stand with him then so are you! Bye now fool.


      • pls disregard the blog reference i though you were commenting on my trump post on my blog lmao. I will unfollow you instead since It’s me on your blog. Not you on mine lol. I didnt think commenting was trolling but an opposing view. By the way I’ve seen plenty of posts from people on your blog trolling on my groups on FB. So don’t be a hypocrite.


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