Dear Democratic Candidate for Any Office: If You Supported Hillary Against Bernie in the Primaries, I Am Voting Against You TODAY!


This applies to governors, Senators, Members of Congress, state legislators, and any other supporter of the Democratic establishment.

I’ve had it.

And so have hundreds of thousands of grass roots Democrats. Perhaps millions of us.

The Democratic party has become a mirror image of the Republicans on economic policy. On trade agreements. On military adventurism and intervention in the affairs of other countries. They have the same revolving door for industry alums and lobbyists to be appointed to their administrations. They both suck at the teat of Wall Street, they both take money from Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the military-industrial complex, insurance companies, Big Banks, and lobbyists.

They both support killing civilians in drone strikes, both support pouring billions into the Israeli treasury and back Israel’s mass murders of Palestinians.

We are supposed to overlook these atrocities because the Democrats say nice things about Hispanics and Muslims? Because Democrats are now sorry about the mass incarceration of blacks? Because Hillary changed her mind about gay marriage?

For the first time in almost 50 years, liberals and progressives have the opportunity to fundamentally change the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders has called out the Wall Street leadership of the party for what it is. And there is no returning to the status quo.

Either the Democratic establishment goes or we go.

The first step is to vote against anyone who supported Hillary against Bernie.




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5 thoughts on “Dear Democratic Candidate for Any Office: If You Supported Hillary Against Bernie in the Primaries, I Am Voting Against You TODAY!

  1. Our government and Presidential position is a SNL act…..has been for year…since the ’60’s or so.
    We spend more $ to kill ppl. for resources than we do to help those who go hungry.
    We “tax” payers, pay for these invasions, $10 mill an hour and we get nothing in return. Infact we then purchase the fuel and petroleum that we bought in the firs place and the petroeum co. act like they ae doing us a favor.
    Yet, the congress and senate get hug raises…but OMG raise minimum wage to $15 ph, they act like it’s going to bankrupt the country.


    not sure if this link will open…???

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  2. Clifton Roberts have qualified in NY as the Humane Party’s candidates for President and VP. Please write them in. It won’t help elect Trump or Clinton (choose your bogeyperson), and it’s the right thing to do because we will enact a constitutional amendment extending personhood to nonhumans.


  3. “The first step is to vote against anyone [Democratic] who supported Hillary against Bernie.” I was all set to do that, but now there’s another cadre of Dems in our town that support Hillary against Trump. What do you propose we do about them?


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