President Trump!


Donald Trump is now at 269 Electoral votes.

He has won the presidency!

Even if the Clinton Elector in Washington who promised to vote against Hillary were to change their mind and vote Clinton, the Electoral vote would be tied at 269 each!

A tie in the Electoral College hands the election to Donald Trump!

The House of Representatives then elects the president. Each state’s congressional delegation casts one vote.

Republicans hold a majority of congressional delegations.

Congratulations, President Trump!

Now progressives need to start working toward the 2018 midterms and taking over the Democratic party!

Good riddance to Hillary and her Wall Street political hacks. Good riddance to conservative Democrats! Good riddance to the stranglehold of the establishment.

Donald Trump has given progressives the opportunity to change the Democratic party!  



5 thoughts on “President Trump!

  1. For me Trump’s winning has two good points. First, I honestly think, and hope, that since republicans have won there will be less vendetta against animals. Second, and this one I think is big, there is a big lesson here for democrat party bosses, not to shove garbage down voters’ throat. This is the greatest result! Let them know that there is a limit to what people will take from them. All of their political muscle and negative campaigning, that even reached Huffington post describing Jill Stein deserving of just being footnote in this election, did not change the fact that hillary is a self-serving, incompetent liar. People just couldn’t accept a morally bankrupt woman no matter what the democratic party bosses did.


  2. Even though he is a total “ASS”…..I’m glad to see Hilary defeated…she thinks she is such hot stuff….neither one wold I want to see as president but here we go w/ a new vision. Like they say,”the world is watching”.

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