Spontaneous Anti-Trump Protesters May Be Idiots, But They Portend a United Left


Many of us who spent the last year or more working for Bernie’s Revolution were amazed and chagrined by the spontaneous protests that erupted across the county with Trump’s election victory.

Where were these idiots when the Democratic nomination was stolen from Bernie? Where were they when Wikileaks proved corruption and treason in the DNC? Where were they as collusion between the Hillary campaign and the mainstream media was revealed? When the FBI revealed Hillary had lied to Congress?

And what exactly are these morons accomplishing AFTER election day? Where were they when progressives needed them during the election?

As ridiculous and without purpose as the protests are, they demonstrate a potential to harness left wing outrage and opposition to Republican rule.

The political reaction to Trump’s winning the presidency, and the GOP holding the Senate and the House, will be profound in 2018. Democrats will sweep the 2018 midterms.

Critical to progressives is that it be progressive Democrats who are elected in 2018, and that primary challenges are waged against the very Wall Street Democrats who supported Hillary this year.

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4 thoughts on “Spontaneous Anti-Trump Protesters May Be Idiots, But They Portend a United Left

  1. I would like to think they portend a united left, but it seems the only thing they are protesting is that the woman lost. They don’t seem to care that if the DNC hadn’t stole the election from Bernie, they wouldn’t have Trump as President Elect, they don’t seem to care that Hillary was a horrible candidate, they just seem upset that Hillary didn’t get her turn.


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