Thought of the Day. Donald Trump. November 13, 2016

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Today’s Thought:

Trump has just signaled that he will govern to the left of Clinton.
In the midst of the hyperbole and bombast, do not forget that Trump is a pragmatic populist at heart. He hasn’t an ideological bone in his body. He will ally with Democratic liberals on issues of student debt, infrastructure, foreign policy and military interventionism. He will alienate the Ted Cruz wing of the Republican party, and will be a formidable opponent in 2020.


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3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. Donald Trump. November 13, 2016

  1. That is good news to hear, that Trump will govern left of Clinton. We know, he was underestimated. I believe he used tactics similar to Ali, in slaying his formidable political opponents. There is much more going on in the brain of Donald Trump, than meets the eye. He must be separated from his disruptive rethoric, for a true vision of who he is.


  2. Roland, this is my ‘take’ on Mr. Trump :

    This is WONDERFUL News for us Vegans and for GOD’s Animals.

    WHY you ask ? This is WHY :

    Although the Trump Children are ‘hunters’ (which I HATE WITH A PASSION
    i. e. ‘HUNTING’); at least we Vegans can Pray for them to STOP; we can approach them to TRY (prontodutofinken 50) to get them to STOP. I myself will be sending them the Book ‘CRY OUT’ asking them to STOP; Pleading to them to STOP.…/10042317

    Although Mr. Trump is “a meat eater” who ‘loves to eat steak’, we Vegans can Pray for Mr. Trump to STOP; we can approach Mr. Trump to try to get him to STOP. I myself will be sending Mr. Trump the Book ‘CRY OUT’ asking him; Pleading with him to STOP.…/10042317

    According to Mr. Roland Vincent – the Vegan Activist and ‘revolutionary’ – with Mr. Trump being elected the 46th President of the United States of America the ‘poor old’ Animals will be far far far far better off. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS !!!!

    Just a few details from Mr. Roland Vincent as to why Mr. Trump becoming President is 100 times; a 1000 times; a 1,000,000 times better for GOD’s Animals; for us Vegans :

    Example :

    “ The HSLF endorsement conveniently ignores Clinton’s position on trade agreements. Trade agreements kill animals, hundreds of millions of them annually. Clinton supports our trade agreements, Trump opposes them. More importantly, Trump has pledged to reject every trade agreement to which the US is a party. Hillary has pledged to enforce them. Animals die under trade agreements because animal corpses are cheaper to produce using Third World labor. Cheaper production costs mean lower prices and increased demand. Ending trade agreements will raise costs, increase prices, and drive down demand. Imported corpses will face tariffs, Country of Origin labeling, and taxes to protect American producers. Domestic slaughter will decrease, as some foreign markets will be closed to US exporters, further increasing prices and reducing supply. The estimates of animals saved by ending all our trade policies are in the hundreds of millions of animals annually ”. Roland Vincent.

    Can you, my Fellow-Vegan-Warriors and Facebook Friends, JUST IMAGINE how much PAIN and SUFFERING will be AVOIDED now that Mr. Trump is the 46th President of the United States of America; NOT Mrs. Clinton. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).


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