How Bernie’s Loss Helped the Progressive Revolution


For some time now, I have argued that Trump defeating Hillary would be the best thing that could have happened for Bernie’s political revolution. That premise gained traction among progressives as Hillary Clinton and the DNC were exposed by Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Most Berners, myself included, bemoaned Bernie’s loss to Hillary and constantly argued that Bernie Sanders would have handily defeated Donald Trump.

While that is likely true, it is also true that the progressive movement was better served by Hillary defeating Bernie.

Let me repeat that! Bernie losing helped the progressive movement!

This brilliant article by Caitlin Johnstone explains what seems to be political heresy!

A must read!




Why Bernie and Hillary’s Losses Were The Best Thing That Could Have Happened For The Progressive Revolution

by Caitlin Johnstone

Good morning, America! Are you finished with your anxiety attacks about President Trump yet?

Some of you? Okay, good enough. We’ve got a lot to talk about, and a lot of work to do. You can catch up the others when they’re done rioting and calling everyone a Nazi.

We are looking at a red House, a red Senate, a red White House and a likely conservative SCOTUS, but the success of America’s progressive awakening has never been more certain than it is right now. I’d like to explain, if you’ll allow me, why this entire presidential election has been the best thing that could have possibly happened to the progressive revolution, including not just Hillary’s loss in the general election, but Bernie’s in the primary as well.

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