Thought of the Day. Trump and Animal Welfare. November 18, 2016

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Today’s Thought:

While I urged animal activists to vote for Trump in swing states, I never suggested that Trump was in favor of animal welfare. Quite the opposite. I observed that he does not care about animals, and that the benefit to animals of a Trump presidency would be unintentional.

However, that unintentional benefit would exceed any intentional efforts by Hillary Clinton.



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5 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. Trump and Animal Welfare. November 18, 2016

  1. And what do you think of the outlook for wild animals should Forrest Lucas or Sarah Palin be appointed Secretary of the Interior? The former can only be described as malignantly hostile to animal rights and the latter is, to be charitable, simply the equivalent of a dim-witted 11 year old. Do threatened and endangered animals count for more, on a one to one basis, than domesticated species? Or is it a matter of simple math: being willing to sacrifice 20,000 African lions if we can save 40 million cattle? I ask this question sincerely, not rhetorically, because I’m personally unsure. Domesticated animals, despite all the horrors they suffer, are at least not in danger of disappearing as entire species. Much of the world’s wild megafauna is. I’ve framed this question before from a human context: are the lives of 5,000 Amazon Indians in danger, as a tribe, of disappearing from the face of the Earth more or less important than, say, the lives of 5 million Floridians? To which cohort are we more morally obligated?


    • I believe all lives are equally valuable. As a Utilitarian I believe we are obligated to do the greatest good for the greatest number or to alleviate the greatest suffering of the greatest number. To hold otherwise is to embrace speciesism, the favoritism of a particular species over others.


    • Geoff, if you are unsure, it is because you pose the difference between domestic and wild animals in terms of a hypothetical question of moral philosophy: would you save 40,000 cows or 20,000 lions? In the real world, humans are increasing the population of domesticates while decreasing the population of wild animals. Without human intervention, the population of domesticates would decrease, perhaps to zero, while the population of wild animals would, if it is not too late for them, increase.
      Don’t be concerned if Trump supporters like Roland call you names like “speciesist.” Be more concerned about what can be done to alleviate the mass extinction already underway.


  2. Yes, you said, to vote for Trump in swing states, because of his promise to, not allow the TPP and other trade agreements, to pass through Congress and become law. This could save 40 million lives of animals a year. Hillary would have endorsed TPP and more trade agreements.


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