The Greens Did Worse Than Hillary!


The repudiation of Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street Democrats was the primary message of the general election, but it was not the only message.

The repudiation of the Green party was even more profound. Progressives supported Hillary, stayed home, or voted for Trump. They did not vote Green.

Jill Stein’s positions were nearly identical to those of Bernie Sanders, yet progressives who supported Bernie overwhelmingly rejected the Greens.

It is difficult to envisage a more compelling scenario for the Greens than existed in this election cycle. Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the Democratic nomination by a war mongering Wall Street shill, the Republicans nominated an anti-environment xenophobe, and the only voice of reason was Jill Stein.

Yet Stein only received a quarter of the percent of the vote that Ralph Nader garnered in 2000.

For the progressive movement, the Greens are a non-starter.

If we as progressives are to succeed, we must wage our battles within the Democratic party.

With Hillary’s defeat and the repudiation of the Democratic establishment, progressives are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the party’s future.

To do so, progressives need to challenge at every level of party organization. We need to primary establishment hacks, run against those owned by Wall Street and Big Oil. Against Big Pharma and Big Ag. Against the banks and the munitions industries.

The 2018 midterms are critical. Nationally, 32 governorships are up. Reapportionment in 2020 will determine whether the Republicans or the Democrats control the House until 2032.

Establishment Democrats must be primaried and defeated where possible. They must be convinced that progressives will pursue a scorched Earth policy to wrest control of the party from Wall Street.

With the election of Trump fresh in their minds, that won’t be hard to do.

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7 thoughts on “The Greens Did Worse Than Hillary!

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  2. I’m so good I voted for Dr. Stein.

    President – Statewide Results

    100.0% ( 24,847 of 24,847 ) precincts partially
    reporting as of November 21, 2016, 8:56 a.m. See FAQs for additional information on how precincts reporting information is determined.

    Visit the County Reporting Status page to determine when a county has submitted its latest report.

    County Results

    Other Links
    Statewide Map




    Hillary Clinton
    (Party: DEM) 7,457,869


    Donald J. Trump
    (Party: REP, AI) 3,949,656


    Jill Stein
    (Party: GRN) 223,957


    Gary Johnson
    (Party: LIB) 406,704


    Gloria Estela La Riva
    (Party: P&F) 53,530



  3. Ronald, in my view democrats will never be a party to care about the welfare of animals. The reason is simple. Democrats corrupt or not corrupt, are about people, making people’s lives happy and prosperous. That by its very definition is against animals. With nothing to stop human over population, helping humans means destruction of habitat and eventual killing of animals who lived within it. I have lived in a few liberal states and have seen massive destruction of woods. Democrats are what I call humanists, there is nothing they consider out of bound when it comes to giving it to humans. I am not a humanist and I will never vote Democrat.


  4. Your suggestions are good and your political analysis is accurate as usual. I believe most of the Bernie supporters voted for Hillary, out of fear of Trump and incorrectly believing, she is the lesser of the two evils. My daughter and boyfriend, who are millennials, brought me to a Bernie rally, being on fire for him, but caved, because of the MSM pressure and voted for Bernie. I am a boomer , that couldn’t be swayed from my progressive radical slant and voted for Jill & the Greens. The millennials with their lack of experience, were easy to manipulate, than boomers. They have to get tougher, if they truly want progressive or especially radical change. More of them, need to vote, for them to be effective.

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