Black Political Hacks Gave Us Trump


Hillary and the DNC played blacks in the old Confederate states. By scheduling southern primaries early, voters in the Deep South could be counted upon to vote for Hillary, as Bernie Sanders would not have the opportunity to campaign in those states and to develop name ID. In voting for Hillary, black voters rejected the candidate who truly championed them, the candidate whose economic, education, and healthcare policies would have substantially improved the lives of African-Americans.

Complicit in that play were Democratic leaders in those southern states and members of the Black Congressional Caucus, all of whom were sucking up to Hillary Clinton.

They continued to support Clinton as the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination. They continued to support Clinton when the DNC rigged the primaries. They continued to support Clinton when super delegates thwarted the will of the voters.

They continued to back Hillary when she opposed universal healthcare, when she opposed a $15 minimum wage, when she refused to release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Black political leaders were perhaps the single most important factor in Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination.

Prior to the Democratic convention, polls showed that Bernie Sanders would easily defeat Donald Trump. And they showed that Clinton likely would not.

Clinton’s black political hacks continued to back her.

Now that Trump has trounced Hillary, those same black political hacks are complaining that racism has prevailed, that bigotry and intolerance are now to be the norm, that America has taken a step backwards.

What actually happened was that black leaders sold their people a bill of goods.

And they are now complaining after having done so.

African-Americans are rightfully concerned about racists now gaining positions of influence in the Trump administration.

And they can thank their leaders for all of it.

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3 thoughts on “Black Political Hacks Gave Us Trump

  1. Under Obama, blacks are worse off — far worse When Obama took office, the black poverty rate was 25.8 percent. As of 2014, according to Pew Research Center, the black poverty rate was 27.2 percent. What about income? CNNMoney says, “Minority households’ median income fell 9 percent between 2010 and 2013, compared to a drop of only 1 percent for whites.” The Financial Times wrote last October: “Since 2009, median non-white household income has dropped by almost a 10th to $33,000 a year, according to the U.S.

    A just-released analysis of government data shows that as of 2015, middle-income households have become the minority. The trend is so firmly established that it may well continue; Americans have experienced “a demographic shift that could signal a tipping point,” Pew researchers concluded Wednesday.
    Median income declined by 3.6 percent for white households to $58,000, but fell 10.9 percent to $33,500 for black households.

    Hillary called blacks superior predators. The bill the Clinton Administration enacted in 1994 played a significant part in warping sentencing standards and leading to an era of mass incarceration. Blacks suffered more from this law then any other group.
    1. $10.8 billion in federal matching funds to local governments to hire 100,000 new police officers over 5 years.
    2. $10 billion for the construction of new federal prisons.
    3. An expansion of the number of federal crimes to which the death penalty applied from two to fifty-eight (the bill also eliminated an existing statute that prohibited the execution of mentally incapacitated defendants).
    4. A three strikes proposal that mandated life sentences for anyone convicted of three “violent” felonies.
    5. A section that allowed children as young as thirteen to be tried as adults.
    6. The creation of special courts able to deport noncitizens alleged to be “engaged in terrorist activity” on the basis of secret evidence.
    Clinton ended welfare which destroyed many blacks families and/or drove them into committing crimes.

    Hillary never saw a war that she didn’t like and every time America goes to war black people die.

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  2. They probably weren’t sucking up to HC as much as slavering over the money with which her “Victory Fund” was twisting their arms. Traditionally, state parties don’t have a lot of dough. When someone comes along and says “If you stick with me, you’ll get big money for your own operations and more to give to local candidates, all you have to do is play along with our little-old money-laundering pyramid scheme—no worries, perfectly legal and we’ll send a staffer to do all the work for you [transfer instantly into HC’s accounts the larger donations individuals and couples may make to state parties over the smaller amount the law allows for presidential campaigns (in ‘obscene’ amounts as actor Clooney admitted, whom he probably thought would benefit his ex-girlfriend’s husband, Gavin Newsom (who, by the way, is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew), down the road in a run to succeed Jerry Brown)]—” of course most will bite. Thirty-three states did, in any case, one being Sanders’ own Vermont where four of the six not-so-super delegates bent over for Ol’ Sniper Fire, including pathetic chameleon and former dentist Howard Dean who was likely offered Surgeon General, along with a nice appointment for Leahy as well, if only they would dump one of their own which they did straightaway. I use the moniker Ol’ Sniper Fire as from that incident alone, the state parties should have known the HC promises of easy dollars on the way were but leaves in a gale.

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