The Beams in Liberals’ Eyes


by Marcia Mueller

I can understand why some people criticize Trump, just as I can understand why some criticize Hillary (although for different reasons).

The constant name calling—racism, misogyny, etc.—may not have hurt Trump at the polls, but those names have tagged him for many here and around the world. And Trump has not been the only target of labeling.

As a lifelong progressive, I am ashamed of the tactics of the Left. The political correctness police with their bullying have attacked freedom of speech along with individuals. They are able to shut down vital dialogues before could start. And they have been hypocrites.

For example, worry over climate and environmental issues from a Trump presidency may be justified, and many on the Left criticize those who do not believe in climate change as “anti-science.” However, the Left claims to worry about environment and climate issues but refuses to discuss the biggest danger to the whole planet—human overpopulation.

Overpopulation is driving the destruction of rain forests in South America for cattle ranching and soy bean cultivation. The forests of Indonesia are being similarly destroyed for palm oil plantations. Increasing use of fossil fuels, along with more methane release from intensive animal agriculture and melting tundra, are causing climate warming and all its dire consequences.

Animals face the sixth great extinction as we destroy their habitat. We are losing some species before we even knew they were here. Thus, we are even robbing them of their place in the record of life on this earth. Animals endure increasing abuse as they are crammed into factory farms, and face faster and more brutal killing methods in slaughterhouses. Predators are gunned down for harming cattle grazing on public lands near wilderness areas. Wild lives are dying on our highways by the millions as we exploit their wilderness homes for resources. They are poisoned and trapped as pests for invading our neighborhoods

Human beings are losing also. Many countries are exceeding their carrying capacities to produce their own food. When currently exporting countries also grow, they may no longer be able to help. And as population and poverty increase, so do starvation, malnutrition, lack of education and jobs, and social unrest. Some desperate people will migrate to other countries, but there is a limit to how many newcomers those countries can absorb.

In 1968 Paul Ehrlich wrote “The Population Bomb,” detailing the horrendous prospects of an overpopulated world. Ehrlich received attention in the media, he appeared frequently on TV talk shows, and people listened. Although Ehrlich was wrong about how soon we would face the consequences of overpopulation, his message is more valid than ever: An earth approaching a population of 9 billion by mid-century is in trouble!

Enter the political correctness factions and their dampening effect on the population issue.

Promoting population control was deemed anti-Catholic and anti-religion because of their restrictions on abortion and contraception. It was deemed sexist and anti-woman since it suggested that women should exercise some control on fertility and how many offspring they produce. It was called anti-immigrant and racist since the major population increase in America, among other countries, resulted from immigration. In some hyperbolic eruptions of outrage, population control was compared to eugenics and genocide.

As a result, organizations who had been concerned with increasing populations and their harm to the environment, wilderness areas, and resource use started to retrench. When members of Earth!First were accused of racism for asking that immigration numbers be based on considerations of available resources and the environmental effects of growth, the other groups, such as the Sierra Club, took promoting population control off their agendas.

Thus while Trump and his climate-denial followers may harm the environment, the people who criticize them for being anti-science are doing damage with their own denial and their list of “isms.” Any humane solution to overpopulation for people and other animals will depend on whether we are willing to admit there is a problem and be willing to discuss it. The discussion will be difficult and probably contentious. It will require dealing with conflicting values and accepting compromise. If nothing else, it will require acceding to the consequences for people and other animals if the problems of overpopulation are deemed preferable to proposed solutions. But at least the conversation will have occurred. Calling population control advocates racists, bigots, and xenophobes to avoid the topic will help no one.

Here is a quotation worth heeding and that should remain “ism-less”:

Unlike plagues of the dark ages or contemporary diseases we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and education of the billions of its victims.” Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1966

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11 thoughts on “The Beams in Liberals’ Eyes

  1. You’re right, the political correctness police are total hypocritical bullies. For example, I got attacked by some morons for saying that human egg trafficking is “unethical.” These idiots had the nerve to name-call me with political correctness BS: Sarah Gibson (from Invermere, British Columbia), Haileigh Methven (lives in Blaine, Washington), Jan Roberts (her Facebook photo is of herself sitting on a horse statue), and Nicole Perry (her man, Douglas Joseph Perry, is an evil hunter!)

    I don’t think I have to even explain why human egg trafficking is “unethical.” IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS. (And of course, the mainstream media endorses it, like on the hit TV series: 2 Broke Girls.)


  2. Nice to get a reasoned, educated, intelligent response for a change. I’m used to ridicule on Facebook by people with no clue, no logic and no facts. You addressed each issue I raised with polite rebuttal. Fair enough. Good debate!

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  3. Marcia, you are correct to dismiss the idea of a Khazarian Mafia as a conspiracy theory. Referring to a crackpot theory that European Jews are descended from a Turkish people known as Khazars, it is a way for the alt-right to describe an alleged worldwide cabal of Jewish bankers, without clearly using the word “Jew.” Trump starting using similar language about international bankers when he took on Bannon as his campaign manager, and we can expect to see more as Bannon adapts to his new role as White House adviser. If you are going to write for alt-right blogs such as this one, you can expect more such remarks in comments to your articles.

    Of course, the Khazarian Mafia theory has nothing to do with overpopulation, or any other issue in the real world. You are right to point out that human overpopulation is the key threat to other species on this planet, and to criticize environmental lobbies like the Sierra Club for failing to raise the issue. But the situation in the Sierra Club is more complex than you suggest.

    I was an active member of the Sierra Club when there was a campaign to make overpopulation a priority issue. Unfortunately, some of the leaders of this campaign, including Earth First! founder Dave Foreman, decided to appeal to the more reactionary members who saw the problem as immigrants taking over their hiking trails, allowing the Sierra Club leadership, which was moving the Club closer to the Democratic Party, to dismiss the overpopulation campaign as racist.

    As the Democratic Party has become more corporate, about the only issue distinguishing even the most corporate Democrats from Republicans is the right to birth control (including, but not limited to, abortion). So while campaigns do not directly address overpopulation, the defeat of Clinton will have the effect of drastically reducing access to birth control, which will accelerate overpopulation, even if Trump were somehow to succeed in reducing the number of people living within the boundaries of the USA.


    • I take considerable offense at the description of this blog as “alt-right.” I am a left wing populist (socialist) who supported Trump entirely for strategic purposes. That said, Trump ran to the left of Hillary on foreign policy, military interventionism, healthcare, trade, and legalizing pot.


    • Khazaria was an eastern European kingdom which converted to Judaism in the 8th Century, substantially increasing the world population of Jews. That historical fact has nothing to do with any cabal of Jewish bankers.


    • When David Brower was director of the Sierra Club, he did, indeed, focus on overpopulation. In fact, he wrote the forward to Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb.” I’m thinking that Foreman was being more logical than racist when he worried about immigration and the overuse of the wilderness. The biggest driver of population growth in the country was and is immigration, so he felt controlling the numbers there was essential. He worried about infrastructure, increased traffic, development, logging and mining, and other resource use, as well. Numbers were the issue.

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  4. The world is not overpopulated. The entire population of the planet could live in the state of Florida. One need only drive across the vast expanses of Africa, Australia and Siberia to see this. The problem with the planet is the unfair distribution of wealth and neo-colonialism…. that is, the taking of resources from developing countries to satisfy the greed of the rich in developed countries. Nothing exemplifies this more than cutting down Brazilian rainforests to graze cattle for steaks in New York restaurants. Or growing tulips bound for the Amsterdam flower market in Kenya on land that should be used to grow crops to feed the empty bellies of the locals. Meanwhile, Brazilians live in squalor in grimy ghettoes and street urchins starve to death before the age of ten. And Africans die a lingering death through malnutrition and polluted farm runoff water. The whole world is overpopulated is the battle cry of the Khazarian Mafia globalists Club of Rome back in mid sixties decade that took it upon themselves to find myriad ways to genocide us. And as for the global warming debate, the science is in. It is cyclical, caused by the sun, and is not caused by human activity. CO two levels are miniscule and the gas is vital to life on the planet. The UN pushed Al Gores message because the globalists rake in billions from the industries which feed into this lie. A good documentary to explain the Great Global Warming Swindle was produced by the BBC and you can search for it on YouTube under Global Warming Swindle. The science on it is impressive and convincing. We’ve been had, folks. Mainstream Media pushes the globalist agendas and when MSM tells me to look one way, I immediately look the other. Long years of research and two Masters degrees have led me to these conclusions. The truth is out there but don’t be swayed by MSM… it lies deliberately, and is untruthful through guilt by omission.


    • Thank you, Grace, for sharing your thoughts. It’s interesting that we each have two master’s degrees but have arrived at such different conclusions on population. Here are some of my ideas on your response.

      First, could the entire population of the planet live in the state of Florida? That state currently has over 20 million people. The question of adding from 7 billion to 9 billion more would not only raise the question if they could fit, but how they would live? What about the quality of life? Would there be any room left for the state’s wildlife?

      A similar question was raised about Texas, an area bigger than Florida. So Texas is about 262,000 square miles. If 7 billion people were divided into that and allowances were made for the fact that almost half the state is desert, it would leave 100 square meters per person. Unfortunately, that calculation did not allow for roads, malls, hospitals, schools, etc., much less animal life. The issue of quality of life looms large again and questions the whole idea.

      The same issues arise with all the empty space in Australia, Africa, and Siberia.

      In Australia, 70% of the land is semiarid; 35% has so little rainfall that it is designated as desert. That area supports a few pastoralists but is mostly given over to mining/mineral extraction. So the prospects of supporting a sizeable population with food and water is nil.

      In much of Siberia the land has been declared unsuitable for farming, with the taiga being too wet for crops and other parts of the country having too much frost. There is also heavy erosion of the soils from wind and water.

      Some of Africa’s open land is already occupied by large herds of migratory ungulates and big predators. In many areas the soil is degraded from overfarming. The country will need a lot of economic aid for fertilizers and irrigation and general infrastructure to make the most of their arable land. The UN has estimated that by 2050 Africa will need to add 1 billion tons of cereals alone to meet a world of 9 billion human beings. Yet increasing and healing farmland will not keep up with population growth. As Malthus warned, food production increases arithmetically while population grows exponentially. Thus, food production cannot keep up with sustained population growth. Granted, the Green Revolution with new fertilizers and pesticides increased production for a while, but that has its limits, as does every resource on this earth.

      Forces within countries need to decide how their land is utilized. A story on CNN in 2015 noted that growing tulips in Kenya has resulted in 500,000 jobs in the flower industry, with 90,000 jobs alone on the flower farms. It’s possible the decision was made that the jobs and income would do more for the people than farming on that land.

      In the last few years, at least, we can be sure that no steaks from the Brazilian rain forest went for steaks in New York. The United States, Mexico, and South Korea banned fresh meat from Brazil because that country does not vaccinate for hoof and mouth disease. That ban may be lifted soon. But I suspect that with fast food places, such as McDonald’s, making 75 hamburgers a second, they will outsell the steakhouses.

      There is no question that there is much debate about climate change, with believers on both sides of the issue. It is complicated by the fact that the climate has shifted multiple times through the life of the earth, with major glacial advances and retreats and dry and wet periods alternating. Yes, solar output has been deemed a part of the cycle, along with the earth’s distance from the sun, the position and height of the continents with movement of tectonic plates, and geological events, such as the rise of mountains, and ocean circulation. But the current change is believed to result from our activity, particularly the tons of carbon dioxide we have added to the atmosphere from using fossil fuels in industry, building and home heating, and transportation. The melting ice in the subpolar regions is allowing methane, which is also a greenhouse gas, to escape. More methane is created by the cattle we cram into feedlots. Keeping track of all the culprits and their feedback loops is complicated. I’m no meteorologist, oceanographer, or geologist, so I take their word. The research looks believable to me.

      I’m thinking that global mega corporations profit more from fossil fuel extraction, sales, and use than they would from a carbon cap and a move to clean energy.

      As for the starving in Africa and the ghettoes in Brazil, I believe that is part of the problem of overpopulation with its increased demand on available resources, as well as the unequal distribution of wealth which directs too much of the money and too many of the resources to the top few. However, with a finite earth and growing numbers it’s hard to see a solution. We in the “developed” world have a huge carbon footprint, using more than our share of the earth’s resources. People in less wealthy countries aspire to the lifestyle of most Americans and Europeans, and it is hard to see how they will ever achieve that. Sad that our unending wars and conflicts have used money that could have gone to better many lives.

      The Khazarian Mafia? I only heard about it a long time ago, and it sounded like a conspiracy theory group to me. But since I don’t have a clue, I’ll just leave that one alone.

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