Hillary and Her Supporters Set Race Relations Back 50 Years


Any responsible autopsy of the Clinton campaign will acknowledge a number of counter-intuitive results that can be attributed to Hillary and her supporters.

The most obvious one being the election of Donald Trump. But for the Hillary campaign and her cohorts at the Democratic National Committee, Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic nominee. And there is little doubt he would have defeated Trump.

The Democratic leadership paid a phenomenal price in nominating and running Hillary Clinton.

In their zeal to do the bidding of Wall Street, they put their core constituencies at risk of monumental losses. The Republican controlled Congress will be positioned to send President Trump legislation impacting social programs and the environment. Women’s issues, voting rights, border walls, deportations, Medicare, food stamps, public education, corporate welfare, etc.

Any and all of it are thanks to Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and her supporters.

The irony is both painful and profound. Black voters, the most loyal of Hillary’s supporters, will be proven to have been the most betrayed by the Democratic leadership. The most immediate consequence of Trump’s win has been the increase in influence of unabashed racists in Trump’s inner circle and announced appointees.

Black voters were Hillary’s firewall in the early Southern primaries. Influential black leaders like Elijah Cummings and John Lewis attacked Bernie Sanders and effectively delivered their sheep to the metaphoric slaughter.

Republican calls for law and order, stop-and-frisk, condemnation of Black Lives Matter, moves to make attacks on police hate crimes, can all be laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. And at the feet of black voters in particular.

Racists and white supremacists have supported the Republican candidates for president since Eisenhower. But not since Barry Goldwater has the Republican nominee been personally vilified as a racist.

As most Trump voters do not consider themselves to be racists, the reaction was easily predictable. Rather than self examination and reflection, there has been substantial belligerence to the messengers, which will surely be reflected in Republican oratory, if not in legislation.

Trump voters were motivated by a stagnant economy, a recovery that passed them by, crushing student debt, unaffordable healthcare, 60,000 factory closures, millions of jobs shipped overseas, sons coming home in body bags, bombing 7 countries, drones killing women and children, regime change, and endless war.

Racism wasn’t even on their radar.

Criticism of Hillary was constantly dismissed as a function of white privilege and that Trump’s appeal was the fear that white privilege was threatened. Most white people are oblivious to the fact that they enjoy white privilege, so the fear of losing it is unfounded.

White privilege is the accusation made when any other issues are thought more important than racism.

Hillary and her supporters have set race relations back half a century, with far more damage to come.

Thank you, Hillary. Thank you, Elijah. Thank you, John. Thank you, DNC.

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10 thoughts on “Hillary and Her Supporters Set Race Relations Back 50 Years

  1. Let me tell you something ironic about the “crushing student debt.” I told at least ten (10) victims of the great #StudentLoanScam about the Student Loan Justice Organization. Not a single one was interested in fighting student loan injustices; they all just wanted to get something for themselves from a lawsuit.


  2. For years the Republican pandered to the social conservatives, promised an end to Roe v. Wade, and chipped away at abortion access in state after state. The Democrats played identity politics and honed their political correctness grenades.

    But Trump became the karma of the Republican and Democrat Establishments, the ones who remained in their bubble and echo chambers, hypnotized by assurances of the pundits. But they failed to gauge the mood of the country and to recognize the anger of those disenfranchised since the Reagan Revolution/Recession. That is when the steel mills and textile mills and the shoe factories and furniture factories started to close here and open in China. That is when the nightly news carried the stories of farmers who committed suicide as their livelihood ended and their land was auctioned off to Big Ag.

    The Establishment could talk of structural unemployment and underemployment as unfortunate consequences of globalization, conversations conducted from their corner offices and McMansions. But they did not pay attention to the disintegrating rural communities and small towns, with chained factory gates and a diminishing middle class and a dying American Dream. They talked about retraining middle-aged workers. “Get into computers,” they said, “that is where the future lies.” Sure–until those jobs went off to India a decade later.

    So the pundits and politicians were so clueless, so out of touch, so hypnotized by their outgrown rhetoric and old campaign promises that they’re still reeling. At least they have some time—at least four years—to see if they can get it right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the insightful observations. You nailed the problem. Politicians seem so disconnected from the ordinary men and women struggling to pay their bills and keep up with the ever rising expenses for everything. It is as if once they find a formula that works for them to get them re-elected, they just don’t give a damn about anyone else outside of the crowd who vote for them. The other thing that most people do not know is that all government assistance programs are strictly for people on welfare. It means that if someone who already has a computer science degree loses the programming job and has to go back to school to learn another profession, that person will not even qualify for a low interest student loan. That is the problem with the Democrats they seem to reward people who never do anything for themselves.


      • Hi Ronald, I am not debating what you are saying, I agree with you. But I would like to add that I think they chose that strategy because they thought it would win and that shows how out of touch the democrats have been with the reality of life for hard working men and women in racially integrated working class neighborhoods.
        Many people who live in the racially integrated working class neighborhoods are not the typical white America. In fact, the majority are the new migrants looking for a better life through hard work and they do work hard, routinely over twelve hours a day. But when they are robbed and pushed around by the likes of Michael brown, no one seems to notice or care. The events of Michael brown started with him robbing a small stature shop keeper, who didn’t look like your average American white man. But in that whole entire colossal stupidity and farce, started and orchestrated by 0bama, no one ever bothered, not once, to talk about the plight of hard working men and women who have to live with daily harassment and abuse at the hands of the likes of Michael brown.
        Democrats bolstered by the liberals, who have left their brain in a time-space capsule in the fifties and the sixties, thought they had all the little people on their side. They thought all they had to do was to tell the little people to be afraid of the big bad white racist. They forgot that 0bama’s administration and the democrats had actually left the hard working little people out in the cold a long time ago.

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    • Thank you, that observation is from hard cold reality of living in such a neighborhood. Funny that during the entire 0bama’s eight years, he has been vigorously supported by millionaires who never have to live with the consequences of their generosity. Only we the average people will have to live with it.


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