Slavery Is Evil, Unless the Slaves Are Animals?


Animals should not be owned for the same reasons people should not be owned. People are not property. Neither are animals.

Banning the ownership of animals would eliminate 99% of the horrors humans inflict upon animals. If animals were not owned, they could not be enslaved or exploited. The Animal Holocaust is the direct result of animal ownership. If people could not own cattle, lambs, pigs, and chickens, there would be no factory farms, no feedlots, no slaughterhouses.

I am constantly asked about pets. If we ban ownership how would people still be able to have companion animals?

Companion animals would be the subjects of conservatorships. Just like human children or mentally incompetent people are cared for. We don’t own children, we are their guardians. The same principle would apply to animals. They would be our charges, and we would be responsible to act in their best interests. That means we could do no harm to them. We could not exploit them. We would be held criminally responsible for hurting them.

Animals in the wild would not benefit from conservatorships, and to protect them would require making it illegal to harm any wild creature.

These reforms will never happen under capitalism. Capitalism values profits over the victims of animal cruelty. Capitalism considers all animals to be expendable and renewable commodities.

Only by eliminating capitalism will animals ever be free of abuse, torture, and murder.



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12 thoughts on “Slavery Is Evil, Unless the Slaves Are Animals?

  1. Are you aware John Bryant’s “Fettered Kingdoms” or Marjorie Spiegel’s book, “The Dreaded Comparison”? The former has some thoughts on pets, and the latter compares domestication to slavery. Here are some gems: “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. This is the gist of Ms. Spiegel’s cogent, humane and astute argument, and it is sound.” Alice Walker’s preface to the book

    “… we might look at the relationship between a dog and his master, just one example of what is sometimes a modern slave/slave-owner relationship. The dog is considered by his owner to be a ‘good dog’ if he walks to heel, displays no great interest when nearing other dogs, doesn’t run except when allowed, doesn’t bark except when required, and has no emotional needs except when desired by the master.” (768)

    “It seems that the desire to oppress others is so ingrained in many humans that they readily distort even a liberating theory or concept into its inverse, creating another wall of defense against positive change. Ultimately, an unbiased observer of human behavior must conclude that most action is not shaped by theory, but rather theories are shaped to conform to actions we have no intention of changing.” Marjorie Spiegel

    Domestication is Incarceration, Ferrell is the Natural Order


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  3. I like how you handle the issue of animal companions. They should have the same rights as children. This would take care of people who discard “pets” in a cruel manner once they become inconvenient. Once you take responsibility for a dog or cat you are truly responsible for their welfare until their natural death.

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      • We had a dog that was “adopted” by our daughter from the Humane Society. She did not fully understand at the time the extent of her commitment but we dit. She was about one year old when she came to our house. She had been abused and was very fearful and shy at first but we took care of her and she was the life of our home for many years. She was a lovely companion. A sweet girl. She passed at age 15 having lived a good and healthy life. We miss her as we would for a family member.


  4. The flip side of this argument is if people did not have and care for the farm animals you mentioned those farm animals would become extinct.

    Unless you are envisioning that all farm animals (most not suited to be wildlife) were turned loose to fend for themselves and thus not only effecting the wildlife balance but also having most of those farm animals die as a result of natural selection, survival of the those that manage to overcome 1000s of years of being cared for to fit into a natural selection process. In most organically grown cases it is to the benefit of those stewarding and caring for farm animals to make sure they are well cared for before they become part of what some view as a natural the food chain. Fortunately many people are being educated that factory farms need to change their practices for the benefit of not only the animals but the health of people that receive their products.

    Having animals is not just a Capitalist based concept as one can witness through out the world and history.



    • An end to animal ownership would mean an end to breeding. Were such a fantastical ban ever to be adopted, prior to it’s effective date all animals owned by Big Ag corporations would be murdered. There would be none to set free.
      Capitalism is the author of the Animal Holocaust. While other economic systems also raise and slaughter animals, none do so on the scale that capitalism makes possible. Socialist societies kill and consume half the animals per capita as do capitalist societies. Removing profit incentives, central economic planning, bureaucracy, etc, would save billions of animals’ lives.


      • Your comment supports our concern that ending animal ownership would end the benefit of animals in humans lives.

        Perhaps in socialist societies people are poorer and can not afford the luxury of meat just as it was in the days of feudalistic societies. But if you look at most societies of the world almost all regardless of what system they are under eat animals. Does it make it right that humans eat animals? Is it right that lions eat other animals? Do agree that humans should treat animals with respect and give them as good a life as they can while the animals are in their care. And when humans kill animals it should be as humanely as possible. Not in the careless uncaring manner of the lion.

        But to remove animals from human lives would prevent humans from developing an empathy and caring for those other inhabitants of earth. Humans gain so much from their interactions, exposure to, and caring for animals. Humans have learned so much about not only the animals but human nature itself by having animals. Humans would be the poorer for lack of animals in their lives.

        Of course if humans would control their own population, far fewer animals would be consumed.
        Yes, humans do need to move to more plant foods in their diet for many reasons including that they are killing off many animal species to feed their huge numbers and appetites. But the bottom line is still the need to control human over-population. That would add value to animals as well as humans.


      • You apparently did not fully digest my article, as I never suggested that animals should be removed from humans’ lives. What I said was that ownership of animals is wrong, and that the legal status of animals as property is slavery. I advocate that companion animals be wards of guardians, just as children are. Guardians may not act against the best interests of their charges.
        And I thoroughly reject your contention that we should kill animals humanely. We should not kill them at all.


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