Storming The Castle!




The Democrats have been a war party since Woodrow Wilson, a hundred years ago. The only Democrat in the last century who did not bomb anyone was Jimmy Carter.

The only real efforts to change the party into one of peace were in 1968 and 1972.

In ’68 it was with the campaigns of Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy. The anti-war wing of the party was attacked by government thugs at the Democratic convention in Chicago. The establishment coronated Hubert Humphrey.

The only avowed anti-war candidate ever nominated by the Democrats was George McGovern in 1972, although Carter in 1976 was close.

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning president, Barack Obama, has been bombing people in the Middle East for 8 years. His choice to succeed him, Hillary Clinton, threatened war with both Iran and Russia.

The Democratic base has become substantially more liberal than its leadership, as Bernie Sanders soundly demonstrated this year.

But although Sanders voted against the Iraq war, he nonetheless supported most of Obama’s policies in the Middle East, including the murderous drone program aimed at civilians.

The Democratic party may not be salvageable. War and capitalism may be too ingrained to challenge. There may not be enough rank-and-file democratic socialists and opponents of war to wrest control of the party from the Wall Street hacks and political whores who have controlled the party for decades.

But if there were ever a chance, it would be now in the wake of the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Millennials embraced Sanders and his message of democratic socialism by an astounding 80%!

Never has the prospect of fundamental change in the Democratic party ever been as promising. But key to that change is cleaning out the current Democratic leadership.

A task much easier now without the prospect of an overbearing interventionist Wall Street shill sitting in the Oval Office, able to stack the DNC and thwart progressives at every turn, as Obama did.

Wall Street Democrats have driven the party to the right for decades, with the complicity of progressives who always fell in line behind Democratic nominees for office regardless of their philosophies.

That may have ended for good this year, as progressives resoundingly repudiated Hillary and her Wall Street sycophants. 

Wall Street Democrats will not easily relinquish control. Nancy Pelosi is stating that the Democrats do not need to change direction. Clueless pundits are floating Tim Kaine and other Clinton hacks as potential presidential candidates in 2020. The establishment Democrats are circling the wagons, preparing for the inevitable seige.

We need to storm their castle!.

Progressives must prepare for a long struggle, with the conviction to challenge any Democrat who opposed Bernie Sanders. To inflict as much pain on the party hacks as possible. To refuse to back establishment Democrats in general elections.

We must emulate the tactics of the Tea Party, which has been incredibly successful in driving the Republicans to the right.

We must drive the Democrats to the left.

Defeating Hillary was the first step.



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2 thoughts on “Storming The Castle!

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Roland. And those heralded as progressive (like Tulsi Gabbard) really need to stop using terms like “Commander-in-Chief” as a ready and customary title for the President. Using this term implicitly buys in to and legitimizes the notion that war making is a natural and inevitable role of the President of the United States.

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