Trump Would Be Hard Pressed To Do More Harm to Animals Than Obama Has Done


Animals have never fared worse in human history than they have under Obama, and Clinton would have been worse for them. More animals dying on slaughterhouse floors. More dying in nets, dredges, ships’ holds. More dying from starvation. More dying from habitat destruction. More dying from pollution, run-off, oil leaks, gas explosions, fracking, rainforest clear-cutting, deforestation for cattle raising, for palm oil plantations. More going extinct than anytime in human history.

So I supported Donald Trump.

Animals may not do better under Trump, but they certainly could do no worse. And there is the possibility, however slim, that Trump will be responsible for a political backlash that will substantially improve the lot of animals.

To be sure, he will screw up the oligarchy. He will end globalism. He will reject our trade deals.

Because of Trump, TPP is dead. TTIP is dead. Both would have cost the lives of tens of billions of animals every year.

Trump has already saved more animals than any person in history.

On balance, Trump was a no brainer for animal activists.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Would Be Hard Pressed To Do More Harm to Animals Than Obama Has Done

  1. No brainer indeed but when I contacted Ingrid and PETA in trying to get them to see the factual animal tactical truths on your blog and more importantly for them to promote and post it on their website, they replied: The blog was one persons opinions and even if they agreed with it their tax exempt status would be lost! No lie. Despite Ingrid’s strengths she should step down and take a position in PETA where she has no decision making authority at all. When a class act like Bruce Freidrich bolts then you know something is wrong. Alex Pacheco too, from the 90’s.


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