Don’t Shoot Hunters. Shoot Their Wives and Children


Scumbag Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan with an animal he murdered.

Do you want to stop hunting? It would end overnight if hunters were confronted with the same fates they visit upon their victims.

Hunters kill mothers and fathers. They kill children. They murder innocents. They make orphans of babies.

If their own mates and children were at the same risk of death as they inflict upon animals, I doubt many would continue with the killings.

A few wives and children shot down as they went about minding their own business would be a powerful message to animal murderers.

And it would be the ultimate karmic justice.

This, of course, is satire, but is designed to make people think, to examine what we perceive as normal, to challenge the status quo.




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8 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot Hunters. Shoot Their Wives and Children

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  2. I just read the title and was like “FUCK YES”. It’s a great idea. I don’t see the difference and if YOU do.. well, i’m sorry for you.


  3. This approach is a bit radical even for me but I would love to see hunting banned in my lifetime. Every time I see someone dressed in camo – or whatever – getting ready to go out in the woods and kill some poor innocent creature I always say to myself … “good luck, hope you kill each other !!”


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