Why Veganism Isn’t Working


Abolishing the ownership, use, and exploitation of animals would seem the logical goal of all who care about animals.

Abolition is legal prohibition. It means government action, proscription, enforcement, consequences.

Curious, then, that many who call themselves “abolitionists” have absolutely no clue to the concept.

So called “abolitionists” use the term to mean that they oppose any action that is not promoting veganism. While on cursory examination the idea may seem laudable, it is actually counter-productive to the interests of animals and subversive of the entire animal movement.

The “abolitionist approach” is based upon a false premise. It opines that we can change the world through one-on-one recruiting of people to veganism.

In fact, we are losing ground to carnism. The general population is increasing faster than the vegan population. More animals are being slaughtered than ever before in history, and the number will continue to increase. Estimates are that the number will double by 2050.

Which means that devoting our efforts to recruiting vegans is not working. Moreover, it means that animals trapped in the food system will be tortured and murdered for years to come. That generation upon generation of calves, lambs, piglets, chickens, etc, will suffer horrifically.

Abolitionist vegans would have none of us help those poor creatures. They argue that by attempting to change farming and slaughter practices we are being complicit in the carnage.

A thoroughly ridiculous position. And one that plays into the hands of Big Agriculture. Big Ag very much appreciates the attacks by abolitionists on groups like the Humane Society of the US (HSUS), which are focusing public attention of horrendous factory farming practices, ag-gag laws, and government subsidies of the killing industries.

To end the Animal Holocaust, which cuts the throats of a billion animals each week in slaughterhouses, we truly need abolition.

Abolishing the horrors will require a government free of the control of capitalism. As unlikely as that may seem to many, it is the only hope for the animals. And it may not come about in our lifetimes, or our grandchildren’s.

In the meantime, animals will continue to be owned, tortured, and slaughtered.

The abolitionists would have us not only abandon them, but continue on the road to failure.

Veganism will not save the animals.

Revolution may.

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4 thoughts on “Why Veganism Isn’t Working

  1. Hi Roland, I think as long as there is profit to be made from torturing, slaughtering and suffering of animals, the abolitionist approach will not work. In fact it could backfire. I think what would work is to persistent all reaching campaign to change people’s perception that eating meat, dairy products and eggs is not necessary or even good for them. The majority of people are very selfish. If they believe that they can be healthier and live longer they may join the veganism movement. Having, said that I think all forms of fur and feather and animal skin in clothing should be banned as soon as possible. I am sick of some trash waste of space “celebrity” parade in fur clothes covering her disgusting body and declare “I choose to wear fur” as if she has enough brain to choose. These despicable pieces of trash should be banned from advertising cruelty.

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