Animal Activists are Leftists, Even if they Don’t Know It


Cesar Chavez. Leftist. Vegan. Political revolutionary.

My mission in life is to radicalize the animal movement. To have the animal movement become a revolutionary force in world politics and public policy.

Before that can ever be possible, animal activists must come to realize that they are part of the political left.

That the animal movement is a leftist one.

Just as the fight against slavery was leftist, just as the the fight for voting rights for Blacks and for women were leftist causes.

Same with child labor, workplace safety, the 40 hour work week, Social Security, integration, and gay rights.

Each of these issues was championed by leftists and opposed by conservatives.

Conservatives have been the apologists for oppression, the naysayers to all demands for rights and freedoms, the defenders of the status quo, the fodder for capitalism, the opponents of reason, the enemies of knowledge, science. and education.

Everything we are doing as a movement posits failure. There is no end in sight to homeless dogs and cats. No end in sight for kill shelters, hunting, trapping, zoos, rodeos.

Nothing we do is aimed at ending the Animal Holocaust, in which more than a BILLION animals are put to death each week.

Calls for compassion have no resonance, as most people are fully supportive of killing animals for food.

Recruiting people to veganism is not the answer, as the carnist population is growing faster than we are recruiting vegans.

Political action will not end the Animal Holocaust because people vote and animals do not. And there are way more people invested in their lifestyles than there are those of us who stand for the animals.

The role of the animal movement must be to force changes in society, to ban animal ownership, slaughter, and consumption.

Those changes will never happen under capitalism. Capitalism encourages and rewards exploiting animals. Exploitation is profitable!

Yet most animal activists are capitalists.

The equate capitalism with freedom and prosperity. They are unfamiliar with history, have only a tenuous grasp of what animal rights really means, are unclear how to affect animal protection, are clueless to political strategy, and they know almost nothing of philosophy, economics, or law.

Many have divided loyalties to the animals, embracing religious and political views which are hostile to animals.

They do not recognize that capitalism is an evil that pervades society. It requires the consumption of the Earth’s resources. It demands never ending production, advertising, and purchasing by a never satisfied population of malleable consumers.

Capitalism needs an unending supply of animal corpses, of forests, of oil, of minerals, raw materials, of exploited workers and defrauded consumers.

Ending capitalism is an absolute requirement for achieving animal rights and ending animal slaughter.

Everything else is pissing into the wind.

But bringing down capitalism is not going to occur any time soon. Perhaps not in our lifetimes, or even in our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

Everything we do, besides recruiting revolutionaries, should be aimed at alleviating the suffering animals endure.

Curiously, there are some in the animal movement who consider such actions to be high treason. So called “abolitionist vegans” contend that trying to alleviate suffering of those trapped in the food system is tantamount to supporting the slaughter industries. In my view, those who take such an absurd position are just as evil as the slaughter industries. They are allies in the cruelty.

Every animal born into the food system is going to die a horrible death, after living a horrible life.

And it will be so for generations upon generations into the future.

We are not yet in the position to wage guerrilla war against Big Ag. Until that is possible, we must work politically to force Big Ag to undertake costly reforms to their business models.

Making money is what Big Ag is all about. They do not give a damn about animals or their suffering. They will continue to use the cheapest and most cruel and brutal methods they can get away with to produce animal corpses.

Our task is to cripple Big Ag, if possible. Certainly impact them as much as possible.

The most important is our demand that they slow down their slaughter lines. Fast slaughter lines are supported by conservative politicians because they mean more profits for business. But fast slaughter lines mean cattle are cut up while still conscious, that they are alive when their legs are chainsawed off and their skin ripped from their bodies, that chickens are still alive when thrown into boiling vats of water to remove their feathers.

One of every 12 cows and calves is still conscious when being cut apart by chainsaws! All because of greed.

Big Ag wants to continue the cruelty because reducing cruelty is expensive, and it reduces profits.

The scumbag lobbyists for Big Ag bribe scumbag conservative legislators to block all compassionate legislation. They block moves to end veal crates, to end gestation crates, to end de-horning, to end de-beaking, to end branding, or requiring the use of anesthesia for painful procedures like castration or tooth removal.

Until the revolution, we cannot shoot the killers, arrest the boards of directors, or burn down the slaughterhouses and the packing plants.

So we must wield our votes until we can wield weapons.

And in doing so we will lessen the torture our fellow Earthlings endure.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Activists are Leftists, Even if they Don’t Know It

  1. I admire Cesar Chavez greatly. He once made a statement that every true animal activist should heed. A reporter once told him that he sounded as if he was a fanatic. Chavez said, “I am. There is nothing wrong with being a fanatic. Those are the only ones that get things done.”

    That that is exactly what the animal rights movement needs—fanatics and zealots, people who make the well-being of the other creatures on this earth the central focus of their lives. How animals will be affected should determine for whom they vote, how inclusive their moral code will be, what they buy and what they eat, and where they go for travel, entertainment, and shopping.

    When enough people start behaving as if animal lives really matter, the movement will succeed and actually start improving and saving animal lives.


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