Trump’s Cabinet No Worse Than Obama’s


Hillary was a shill for Big Oil. Obama permitted drilling in the Arctic. Trump is appointing climate deniers to his cabinet. They all suck on the environment. And none will do a damn thing about climate change, as they are all capitalists.

To stop the Sixth Mass Extinction in which we find ourselves would require funneling TRILLIONS of dollars to the Third World. Ending animal agriculture, shutting down most manufacturing and transportation, banning fossil fuel use except in emergencies. It would mean ending Western civilization.

The only way to stop climate change is to overthrow capitalism. Arguing about deniers vs the lame policies of Obama is nothing more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

The operative difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama was bought and paid for by Wall Street, and coerced to do their bidding, while Trump believes he is smarter than the bankers on Wall Street.

He may well be, but the environment will suffer regardless.



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