Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit! -Shakespeare

Armory of the Revolution

I am the soul of brevity! -Vincent


A friend, Cassandra Davenport, reminded me of the bard’s immortal line, spoken by Hamlet.

Essays on the Armory are brief of necessity. They are not meant to be in-depth academic publications or scholarly tomes. They are meant to be wielded, like battle axes and swords.

They are weapons in the War for Animal Rights.

The forum requires brevity, as the people we are attempting to influence, to recruit, and to educate are only going to give us a few minutes, at best, to make our case.

So we write short, compelling, powerful, pieces that are meant to be consumed instantaneously. Hopefully we will pique curiosity, encourage inquiry, inspire introspection, and engage the intellect.

We’ve been frequently criticized for being unthorough, or simplistic, or pedantic, in the posts here. My thanks to Cassandra for the reminder of Shakespeare’s line. I proudly invoke it…

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