Meat Is Murder? We Don’t Act Like It Is

Armory of the Revolution

As animal activists, everything we believe in and stand for militates for us to rise up in revolt against the horrors of the Animal Holocaust.

The torture and murders of 150 million animals each day in slaughterhouses amply justifies armed insurrection, the storming of the halls of government, the burning down of slaughterhouses, packing plants, meat wholesalers, chain markets, restaurants, and the arrest of everyone involved in the atrocities, from the members of the boards of directors of the major Big Ag companies to the grunts who wield the knives.

If we truly believe that every life is precious, that animals have as much right to live as do we, that meat is murder, we would take to the streets. We would shoot the enemies as we found them. We would sabotage the trucks, take the killers by force, track down their bosses, exact justice for all the lives taken…

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4 thoughts on “Meat Is Murder? We Don’t Act Like It Is

  1. Capitalism allows animals to be treated as commodities. Corporations profit from the exploitation and slaughter. Carnists take pleasure in consuming the victims. Religion justifies the suffering and death. Trying to stop the murder by working within the system that creates it obviously has not worked. There seems to be nothing left but direct action against the perpetrators.

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  2. I agree that religion can be extremely powerful in moving the cause for animal compassion. However, that also means that the religious leaders themselves must be committed to the cause and practice what they preach. I am in doubt that we will find that many them willing to give up their preferred diet.


  3. Roland, America is a Christina Nation. Right. Is it 80%, 90% of Americans who are Christians ? Right ?

    No Christian can do as you say Roland. JESUS does not Teach what you say Roland. GOD gives to ALL Christians the CHOICE – to STOP or to carry-on-regardless being “meat eaters”.

    In the World there are 3 to 4 Billion People who are Christians. Right. That’s a LOT of People Roland.

    What we should be doing Roland, you and I, is to approach the Christians Leaders and Evangelists to get them to STOP. To ‘Go Vegan’; to Pray; to Preach; to Teach their Congregations to STOP; to ‘Go Vegan’. Not to ask 3 to 4 Billion Christians to join you in a Revolution.

    ” The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything “. Albert Einstein.

    “ To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God “. Pope Francis.

    ‘“ TODAY I would NEVER EVER be “ a meat eater ”’ – 27th May 2013 JESUS said to me.

    The Holy Spirit of GOD says : ‘ The Righteousness of a man/woman covers over much Sin ‘.

    Do you want 100% PROOF that JESUS would be a Vegan TODAY ? :

    Read ‘CRY OUT’. Read it WITH your Bible. It is a FREE READ at eBook :…/10042317

    Thank You for signing my Petition to the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists and their Congregations :

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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