I Am Vegan for the Same Reasons I Don’t Rape Women


I don’t consume animals for the same reasons I don’t rape women: It is wrong to inflict cruelty upon others, using violence against the defenseless is reprehensible, others’ rights are more important than my own gratifications.

My not raping women has no effect upon ending rape. Neither does my not consuming animals have any effect upon others not doing so.

Being vegan means we are doing no harm, just as by not raping women we are doing no harm. But just refraining from doing harm does not mean we are helping. It just means we are being neutral.

And we cannot win the animals’ struggles by being neutral.

We must be pro-active. Radically pro-active.

Unless we do more than just be vegan, we are non-combatants in the war for Animal Rights.

Being vegan is a moral imperative. But it has nothing to do with stopping the Animal Holocaust.
The Animal Holocaust claims upwards of 60 billion animals each year in slaughterhouses.

We save not a single one of the victims.

Not one.

Many of us are working on recruiting people to veganism, thinking that if people stop eating meat, eggs, and dairy, the demand will stop and there will be no more slaughter.

Sounds good in theory, but it isn’t remotely possible.



Vegans comprise less than one-half of one percent of the population in the world, and the percentage is declining as the human population explodes.

Most people who care about animals, including animal activists, do not care about them enough to become vegan. Is it any wonder the general public is unwilling to embrace veganism?

And even if we were to reach our goal of convincing everyone in the world who cares about animals to become vegan, the vast majority would still not be vegan, as they do not care about animals at all.

And that vast majority will continue to demand the slaughter.

The Animal Holocaust will continue.

The simple truth is that there are way more people who do not care about animals than there are who do.
And we do not even make a dent in those who do care, because most are unwilling to change their lifestyles for the animals.

We can continue with our present course of action, which is accomplishing nothing, or we can change course and possibly change the world.

The profit motive (capitalism) is the engine that drives almost all animal killing, animal abuse, and animal exploitation. Legal systems around the world justify it by permitting animal ownership, and governments defend the businesses and enterprises that engage in animal cruelty. Most people accept the cruelty as unavoidable, and consider animals to have been provided to them for their use by God.

Those legal systems, governments, religions, and capitalism, are the enemies of animals.

Fortunately, they are also the enemies of the environment, the enemies of the oppressed, the disenfranchised, the enemies of the poor, the weak, and exploited people around the world.

Fortunately, because the enemies of capitalism are also the friends of animals, even if they don’t know it or don’t care about animals.

Ending capitalism is the only hope animals have.

And joining with other enemies of capitalism to bring down the system which hurts animals is the only logical course of action open to us.

Re-defining our priorities.
Abandoning ineffective strategies.
Rejecting failed game plans.
Educating our own troops.
Radicalizing the animal movement.
Recruiting revolutionaries.

Planning for revolution.

Revolution may not come in our lifetimes, but everything we do to hasten it means billions of animals will be saved.
Billions of animals not born into slavery, billions not tortured, billions not terrified, tormented, and brutally killed.

We have much to do while planning for and awaiting revolution. The generations upon generations of animals that will be born and die trapped in the food system need champions. We must fight to minimize the suffering, we must recruit animal activists, mobilize our troops to act as a voting bloc, etc.

We’re still morally obligated to rescue, to foster, to adopt, to cross-post, to transport, and to do all we can to save those creatures we can.

But the most important job we have is to recruit revolutionaries.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Vegan for the Same Reasons I Don’t Rape Women

  1. I agree that being a vegan doesn’t really save any animals. PETA points out that going vegan can save about 100 animals a year. I suppose that’s the average of what carnivores consume, but they don’t eat an entire animal in 1 sitting. Each animal who’s killed is spread among multiple people, so one person going vegan isn’t going to save any animal. But I still think that it’s important to not only be a vegan, but to also try to promote and support those who show interest in being vegan. Just like voting, it’s the numbers that count. And it’s not just trying to convince animal lovers to go vegan (because like you say, most people who love animals, which are very relatively few, don’t love them enough to not eat them), but I think there will be more progress in trying to convince veganism for health purposes. Besides myself, I don’t know anyone who’s vegan/vegetarian for the sake of animals. The few that I do know do it for health purposes. And I get a lot of comments from people saying that they wish they could give up meat but it’s just too hard. The people that make these comments are not animal lovers. They wish they could give up meat so that they can be skinny.

    I think there’s a potential for less demand on meat/dairy/eggs if we can create a society that makes vegan food that’s healthy, tastes delicious, affordable, and readily available. Grocery stores have come a long way. When I became vegetarian over 20 years ago, veggie burgers had to be sought in a big town at a little health food store, and they tasted like cardboard. Now they’re available (along with other type vegan “meats,” dairy-free milk and cheeses) at just about every major grocery chain. It’s so easy to be vegan these days and not miss meat, dairy, eggs, simply by making delicious, home-cooked meals. But the average American does not eat home-cooked meals on a day-to-day basis. They eat out. Most restaurants have a really poor selection of vegan meals. And when they do, it’s very lacking in flavor. It’s just enough to allow a vegan to munch on something while they’re out with their carnivore friends/family.

    Even vegan food chains that’s sold at grocery stores can do a better job of advertising. I just recently noticed Silk being advertised, but never do I notice the others, like Gardein.

    Yes, the population is growing at a crazy rate, way faster then the growth of animal lovers, but more and more people are becoming health conscious. And I think this should be a target group for promoting veganism.

    With that said, I’m not implying that I don’t agree with a revolution. I would love for animals to have full rights that we humans have. But like you pointed out many times, those of us who want that are just too few in numbers.


    • I agree with Susan. A couple of points in addition:
      – with about 1.000.000 people born every 4 days turning people vegan won’t do it for the animals
      – around here, in the DC area, most vegans I know are ethical, not health vegans
      – that tofurkey and like fake meats are so expensive is a crime: a) it has to be less expensive to grind up plants and add spices compared to the costs involved in slaughter, etc. (unless those costs are offset by taxpayer subsidies), and b) that they are so expensive means non-vegans won’t even bother to try them to perhaps save money


  2. True and depressing. But at least rape is regarded as a crime and a sin, and the rapist is punished if caught. The killing and eating of animals is justified legally and morally, and those involved reap profits and gain pleasure as a result. That is what makes it even more difficult.

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  3. I think this is all true and I agree with it completely but the issue is, as I see it, what form can a revolution take and, as mentioned in the blog, there are too few of us, even if we can recruit a few, to do any kind of revolution. And what form would that revolution take? Against capitalism, against, animal exploiters, and what does it mean to say ‘against.”

    I wish i was more optimistic but i don’t see us getting anywhere, especially when we have no friend w/ power.


  4. Veganism comes as natural as not realizing  its predecessor  is gone.  Who noticed  that whipping a carriage horse before  an approving audience  is gone.  No parade just gone.  Improved legislation on chicken  treatment  rises the price of meat and eggs.  Wearing fur coats is unfashinable.  No conscious  thought,  just  grotesque. How hopeless the task was until attitudes change.  No longer fun to watch a lynching.  Don’t  be discouaged.

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  5. Good point~!!! It’s a choice we make to do better, be better and treat each other better w/ respect allowing others to live the best life possible. All living things deserve the life given to them.


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