Abolish Freedom of Ignorance. Er, Religion.


Most people would agree that other people’s religions are belief systems based on fantasy and myth.

Curiously, those same people are convinced their own religion is in service to the true, actual, only, legitimate god. In actuality, people’s assessments of other people’s religions are much more accurate than their analysis of their own.

All religions are based upon myth, superstition, and tradition.

The “faith” required to buy into a religion is belief unsupported by fact or logic. “Faith” means believing something without any rational basis for doing so.

Many critics dismiss religion as harmless fantasy, viewing religious beliefs as benign self delusion.

I, for one, view religion as thoroughly evil.

Not for what religion is, but for what religion causes us to become.

Religion perverts our sense of justice.

Religion perverts society’s search for justice.

Religion posits that there is a just god who will sort out the transgressions of evil-doers.

And that delusion subverts justice in the here and now.

If there is a god who will hold evil-doers to account, there is little need to worry about them in the present. God will mete out justice. God will make things right. God will settle with the murderers, the rapists, the thieves, the abusers.

One of my favorite quotes is of the Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus. “All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher.”
Titus Lucretius Carus, On the Nature of Things: de Rerum Natura.

Freedom of Religion is the legal and societal acceptance of people to employ faith and superstition in matters of social mores, education of their children, and the treatment and intolerance of others. Religious dogma is invoked to deny healthcare to children, to perpetuate cults, to oppose science, to censure literature, to teach folklore and fantasy as fact, to justify discrimination, to promote hatred and bigotry against others, to demonize critics, and to avoid taxation.

Religion justifies genital mutilation, animal sacrifice, child brides, arranged marriages, and bizarre customs. Religion has been responsible for more human misery, death, and destruction, than any other cause in history.

Sectarian violence, war, genocides, hatred and bigotry are the legacies of religion.

Even apparently benign, mainstream religions are responsible for such pernicious and evil beliefs as human dominion over animals, the subservience of women, discrimination against gays, opposition to birth control, to family planning, to women’s reproductive healthcare, etc.

Religions, through tax exemptions, rob the American public of billions of dollars annually in local, state, and federal taxes. Estimates of the extent of such theft run as high as $60 billion dollars per year. The effect of which is that people who do not believe myth and fantasy are subsidizing those who do.

We need a complete barrier between religions and the state. As the Founding Fathers envisaged. Every other freedom outweighs Freedom of Religion by orders of magnitude.

Freedom of Religion costs society much more than any benefit that is received. It serves no useful purpose and exacts a terrible price on society, both financially and intellectually.

Freedom of Religion perpetuates ignorance, intolerance, and bigotry.

It should properly be called Freedom of Ignorance. Or Freedom to be Ignorant.

It is time to consign Freedom of Ignorance to the dustbin of history.



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2 thoughts on “Abolish Freedom of Ignorance. Er, Religion.

  1. Considering that Islam has butchered, burned alive, drowned and crucified over a million people in the last few years (and according to an article in American Thinker, has murdered about 270 million people since the time of Mohammed), perhaps a crescent moon and star would be a better illustration for your article.


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