Thought of the Day. Trump has no masters. January 18, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

Donald Trump takes office owing no one anything. Unlike every president since Teddy Roosevelt, Trump has no masters.


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9 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. Trump has no masters. January 18, 2017

  1. AFTERTHOUGHT: This has nothing to do with Trump, but it is just information, a serving of karmic delight to pass along, the kind we seldom get. This comes from the Winter edition of the Earth First! Journal. The Journal awarded a Bulletproof-Taking-No-Prisoners award to a chimp in Liberia who turned the tables on a hunter:

    “The 39-year-old hunter had fired his gun at the giant chimp, hoping to kill it, but instead of dying the chimp stood up, took away the hunter’s gun, beat him repeatedly with it–shattering one of the hunter’s legs–and then used its [sic] teeth and hands to tear off one of the hunter’s arms. The chimp then walked away, leaving the now one-armed hunter to crawl awkwardly back to civilization. After the hunter reported the incident from his hospital bed, others returned to the scene to find the ape, but it [sic] had vanished into the night, where it [sic] was likely showing its [sic] new toy arm to its [sic] friends.”

    The story was also reported in other news media including GNN (Global News Network) Liberia, which is claimed to be reliable. GNN Liberia has been reporting on other chimp behavior focused on violence so don’t know if the apes are fighting back or they are in the process of being set up as bad actors.

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  2. Two points: I find it incomprehensible that you would say he owes no one anything, since what we know of his finances indicates that he has a massive amount of business debt, much of it to foreign creditors. Perhaps you meant that symbolically — or metaphorically. What is astounding is that he would inspire that kind of fanciful wishful thinking. Secondly, it remains to be seen whether he will have any masters. We do know that he cannot master himself.


    • I find it odd that anyone would think that a debtor somehow embraces the interests of his creditors. If anything, the opposite would be the case. People saddled with mortgage and credit card debt are hardly sympathetic to the banks they owe money to.


    • If Roland is referring to financial debt, it would be more accurate to say that Trump cannot be trusted to pay what he owes, in light of his history of tax evasion and failed businesses. If he means a more general concept of not being answerable to anyone, the proper term to describe Trump is a dictator. In either case, I don’t see how the Trump administration will benefit farm animals, wildlife or anyone else.


      • Trump has over 200 separate businesses, of which four went bankrupt. By business standards, that is exemplary. To call him a dictator is ludicrous. Our system of government makes a dictator a legal and practical impossibility. If anything, Trump is likely to be less of a tool of entrenched interests than has any president in modern history. Trump is beholden only to his voters.


    • Marianna–you are so right! This blog master, Roland Vincent, however is a believer in the Trump Ideology, and is as sick as Trump–or even worse, because he purports to be “for animals.”
      Another loyal, confused follower, “damovand” is also a Trump Troll on other sites. We know what he stands for, despite his alleged concern for animal rights. Much damage has been done to the cause for animals, because of Egotistical, Twisted, humans who wear the facade-badge of Animal Rights, but whose true mission is to further their own Right-Wing agenda. How sad for the non-humans.

      Trump owes and serves many Very Wealthy Billionaire Masters, and they will make sure he does their bidding well–with the remaining resources of this planet –and the lives of most non-humans.

      “Trump’s major billionaire backer Robert Mercer made his fortune in high frequency stock trading, gaming the stock market using advanced algorithms and data analysis to create unprecedented profits.

      Mercer’s daughter Rebecca helps run the Trump transition team, and key Trump advisors Kelly Anne Conway and Steve Bannon both worked for Mercer.

      Another major backer is Sheldon Adelson, who made his billions owning Las Vegas casinos. Adelson, a close ally of Israeli PM Netanyahu, reportedly gave Trump twenty-five million dollars.

      From climate disaster to the destructive orgy of unrestrained finance, the billionaire class and their political minions are not even capable of dealing with threats to the very system that made them so wealthy. It’s the whole of humanity that will pay the price.”

      This “Armory” site supports all of the above atrocities that are coming, despite Vincent’s and his loyal followers’ denials, smoke and mirrors tactics, hiding behind the cause for animals. This to me, is the most disgraceful of all.


      • It would be helpful if you knew whereof you speak. I do not believe in Trump’s ideology nor am I a right-winger. My primary ideology is animal rights. On the economic front, I am a Marxist. If you actually bothered to read any of the twelve hundred articles published here you would not make the absurd claim that I somehow embrace Trump’s views.
        Trump is a capitalist, I am a socialist.
        Trump is a Christian, I am an atheist.
        Trump opposes immigration, I support open borders.
        Trump wants a strong military. I am for abolishing the military.
        Trump supports the police. I think the cops are thugs of the state.
        Trump doesn’t believe climate change is real. I believe climate change will lead to human extinction.
        Trump and I agree on 3 major points: trade, auditing the Fed, and that he will be a better president than Hillary would have been.

        Next time you decide to vent your spleen on my blog, do me the courtesy of being accurate.


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