Trump Could Be Another FDR



Donald Trump takes office owing no one anything. Unlike every president since Teddy Roosevelt, Trump has no masters.

He funded his own primary campaign. He was attacked by both the Republican and Democratic establishments. All three living ex-presidents opposed him, as did every living former Republican nominee. He took on Wall Street, the banks, the military-industrial complex, the pharmaceutical lobby, the multi-national corporations. He has promised universal healthcare, an end to military belligerence, rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, rebuilding the inner-cities, ending or renegotiating our trade agreements.

Trump has the potential to be another FDR.

Democrats seem oblivious to this basic fact: On policy matters, Trump is closer to progressive Democrats than he is to the right wing base of the Republican party.

Trump’s call for massive investment in infrastructure is as ambitious as anything Bernie Sanders has proposed. Trump wants to rebuild roads, bridges, rail lines, airports. He wants to remake the inner cities, build and renovate schools.

If all his proposals were to be realized, Trump could rival FDR’s New Deal in creating jobs and putting America to work.

There may be stupider people in the world than Democrats who are attacking Trump personally, but none jump to mind.

We should be going after Trump’s nominees, not Trump.

We should be attacking the Republican platform, not Trump.

We should be grateful we have Trump as president. It could have been so much worse.

We could have had any other Republican.

We could have had Hillary.



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17 thoughts on “Trump Could Be Another FDR

  1. But did Trump sign an executive order to freeze federal hiring w/ the exception of the military? That would be uncool. Doesn’t the US govt. want to hire me seeing as I’m so qualified and competent?


    • He may not. But he has the potential to do more than anyone has done since FDR. His populist base and Democrats in Congress could cobble together enough support to pass an omnibus infrastructure and jobs bill.


  2. I have never seen any president attacked so vigorously, and mindlessly, before he even took office. In contrast with Trump, when 0bama was elected people worshipped him and acted like a new messiah had appeared. For eight years, anything that 0bama dished out was acceptable, including being a racist and bringing back the worst racial divide in this country since the years before the sixties. 0bama didn’t make everything better for everybody. He didn’t give a shit about animal welfare. In fact, animals suffered horrendously during his eight year. 0bama’s eight years was spent just taking care of a special group of people that he identified with. Every time he pulled a stunt to get his way, bypassing the congress and the senate, he made right wing conservatives angrier and they took their anger out on animals.
    Get this into your heads, people, ordinary working men and women voted for Trump. Your queen, queen Hillary was backed and supported vigorously by ivory tower liberals and by millionaires on the two coasts.


  3. I see so many empty statements about the Putin business that I have to laugh. From some comments, I can tell the person making it doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about. Most of these short order political analysts and patriots are just repeating what they remember from a few lines they read in a liberal news media, and they repeat it like a parrot because their queen Hillary, who promised to be another 0bama, didn’t win. The first thing that these human parrots gloss over, or just simply do not know or understand, is that elections in this country have always been influenced by foreign governments. But in cases when the foreign government has strong political allies in this country, nobody reports it and we just will not to get to read about it. But I am sure the parrots just won’t get it!


  4. Vowed not to belabor my disagreement, but — CSpan3 just broadcast Roosevelt’s 1933 Inauguration speech, which begs for contrast with Trump’s. One was crude, shallow, & simplistic, the other a masterpiece of thoughtful, sound statement about the executive powers he would expand. Sorry, but your statement “Trump has the potential to be another FDR” demands response — they shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. All you can say for Trump is that you believe him to be free of outside influence, which may very likely prove untrue. You can cite some policy positions which with you agree, but you must acknowledge that he has displayed no depth of knowledge about policy at all. You say it’s OK to criticize his appointees but we should rejoice about Trump — how can you not see that it is these very dangerous appointees (Bannon, etc.) that will be pulling the strings & doing untold damage?


  5. WRONG. tRump owes Putin. He is also bringing fascism to this country, above and beyond the Republican platform. Sorry, Roland, but you need to stop defending this piece-of-shit scumbag.



      • Your response to my comment is off the point — & you’re using the very Trumpian distract/deflect device. The question is not whether Trump’s appointees are or are not worse than Obama’s, but whether they are Wall Street shills, particularly in light of his heralded promise to “drain the swamp.”


      • Trump has certainly appointed Wall Street shills to positions in his administration. I am sure he will appoint more. Even so, Trump has the potential of creating millions of jobs through his vision of rebuilding American infrastructure. No president has proposed such sweeping programs since FDR. And to enact such programs will require Democratic support in Congress. Attacking Trump serves no useful purpose when he is the most strategic potential ally that liberals have in government.


    • That is your opinion. Obviously either you haven’t heard or do not care that the majority of those who voted for Trump were ordinary hard working men and women, unlike queen hillary’s supporters that were mostly millionaires and special interest groups.


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