The females the Women’s March ignored.

V Kind

In Washington DC, and around the globe, protesters took to the streets to announce their distaste for some of the rhetoric, and plans which may come to light of the new US President Donald Trump. Barely in office for 24 hours, we aren’t totally sure what his term will hold, but embracing their right of free speech, women and supporters, are standing up to protect their futures.

People are marching for many reasons, amongst the loudest are the right for women to control their own bodies. Also, to reprimand the things said by Trump about what he could do to women because he’s famous. Whether Trump’s comments on a decades old video were grandstanding or not, if we are appalled by the idea that a person could touch someone intimately without consent, rape someone, or otherwise harm them in some way, it’s encouraging that someone will stand up and say…

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4 thoughts on “The females the Women’s March ignored.

  1. FYI everyone. WordPress thinks my computer is a robot and will only let me comment on Armory of the Revolution and Vegan Town USA. Any comment I make on any other WordPress blog, forum, or web page is obliterated instantly. I uninstalled Avast and Adaware, which did not fix the problem. WordPress sucks.


  2. Exactly. I don’t know how a bovine rapist could call herself a “feminist.” Wouldn’t it be much simpler for her to sit down and think about how a bovine rapist who complains about sexism is a hypocrite rather than getting out there and marching?


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