The Incredible Hypocrisy. Those Protesting Trump are Responsible for Trump

Protesters hold signs during a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Those protesting Trump did not support Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

Those in the streets are Hillbots. There’s hardly a Berner in sight.

Trump owes his presidency to those idiots in the streets. Those who supported Hillary in the primaries. Those who cheated Bernie out of the Democratic nomination. Those who disparaged progressives. Those who told progressives they were not needed in the general election. They elected Trump through their arrogance, their ignorance, and their hubris.

Now they are in the streets feigning outrage.

Every single protester bitching about Trump is responsible for Trump being elected.

They deserve anything Trump throws at them.

Trouble is, the rest of us do not deserve it.

The silver lining is that those in the streets will be with us in 2020 when we run a progressive against Trump.

The question is whether they will oppose a progressive in the primaries, as they did in 2016.



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23 thoughts on “The Incredible Hypocrisy. Those Protesting Trump are Responsible for Trump

  1. Roland, it’s hard for me to believe you not only supported Trump against Hillary, but continue to defend him. Pruitt, the USDA pulling down animal welfare records, etc…..Trump’s a disaster for animals.


      • I voted for Stein. But if I lived in a swing state, I definitely would have held my nose and voted for Clinton. With all the Trump stuff you’ve posted on it, I’m kind of embarrassed to have been associated with Species and Class now!


      • We disagree on strategy, but not on our ultimate goal. Personally, I consider the establishment Democrats, the Wall Street hacks, and the Hillbots, to be more of a threat than is Trump.


    • Hi Jon. I supported Trump over Clinton primarily because of their respective positions on trade. In killing the TPP, Trump has saved more animals than anyone in history. His actions regarding the Dept of Agriculure, etc, are outrageous, but on balance he is way in the black on animals. Estimates were that TPP would have increased animal production and animal slaughter by several billion more creatures per year, easily 4 to 8 billion above non-TPP figures. Trump has thus saved some 25 billion animals over the course of his four year term of office.
      For those who profess to be progressives, defeating Hillary was mandatory. Had she won she would have been the 2020 nominee, and the progressive movement would have been stopped dead in its tracks. With Hillary out of the way, we have a decent chance of taking over the party in 2020 and nominating Sanders or one of his political heirs.


  2. Nope, the mix was of independents, Bernie supporters, unregistered women, Hillary Dems and more. It crossed the whole spectrum of women. Many of the women who went were just plain upset about abortion and reproductive rights being taken away. I know a huge number of women who marched. Oh and there were many young women that were too young to vote as well.


  3. There you go again, Vincent. You are not capable of knowing the truth. This alleged “animal rights” blog is yours, to spread lies, support Neo-Fascists, and use the same despicable tactics used by Trump’s hack, Kelly Ann Conway. No wonder you continue to excuse and support what Trump’s Wall St., Goldman Sachs minions. You are just like them.
    By the way, Vincent, the latest counts of the March yesterday– not just in this country, but around the world –is in the millions, but you will not be able to accept this reality.
    What pisses you off, Vincent, is that you and Trump are outnumbered, and we see through you facade. The animals do, too.


    • It would be helpful if you knew whereof you speak. I do not believe in Trump’s ideology nor am I a right-winger. My primary ideology is animal rights. On the economic front, I am a Marxist. If you actually bothered to read any of the twelve hundred articles published here you would not make the absurd claim that I somehow embrace Trump’s views.
      Trump is a capitalist, I am a socialist.
      Trump is a Christian, I am an atheist.
      Trump opposes immigration, I support open borders.
      Trump wants a strong military. I am for abolishing the military.
      Trump supports the police. I think the cops are thugs of the state.
      Trump doesn’t believe climate change is real. I believe climate change will lead to human extinction.
      Trump and I agree on 3 major points: trade, auditing the Fed, and that he will be a better president than Hillary would have been.

      Next time you decide to vent your spleen on my blog, do me the courtesy of being accurate.

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      • A Marxist? Marxists I have met consider themselves internationalists, supporters of the idea “workers of the world unite.”
        The effects of Trump’s trade war remain to be seen. Previous trade wars have led to economic depression, as well as actual wars. Depression would likely be good for animals, as it reduces consumption. But a world war would probably be a nuclear war, which would vastly increases mass extinction, even though it would finally end the slaughter of farm animals.


      • I’d like toweigh in on your thought that der orangeFuhrer will be a better president than Hillary. der orangeFuhrer is a bully, and he is managing the US and its foreign relations with 100% puritanical bullying. He bullies US companies, He bullies US watchdogs, He bullies foreigners, He bullies the press, the list is exhaustive. Do you know what happens to bullies at the end, Roland? They get TKO’d by the little perceived to be wimp, whose been taking it for so long they don’t care if they die anymore, they are going to hit back, because they no longer have anything to lose. Der orangeFuhrer is setting up an atmosphere where people will begin to think that they no longer have anything to lose if they throw a TKO at him. We all got TKO’d by der orangeFuhrer and didn’t see it coming. So its not advisable to think that der orangeFuhrer can’t take the same hit as we did. Problem is, when he gets TKO’d, we are all going down with him. I agree with you, it might take some years of repuggie thug ruling but eventually make america great again will be turned into make america think again when some entity, TKO’s der orangeFuhrer for American bullying.


  4. Like other alt-right blogs, Armory of the Revolution has made clear your strong support for Trump’s xenophobic, racist agenda, even if you don’t necessarily agree with all the contradictory positions Trump has held. Animals do not deserve to live under Trump’s regime of generals and Goldman Sachs bankers, which you helped to bring into office.
    Now you try to appeal to progressives and animal activists by pretending to support Bernie? Hypocrisy is right!


    • Marc, you are wrong again. Firstly, this is no alt-right blog. This blog puts the interests of animal above all other concerns. In so doing, I urged voters in swing states to support Trump against Hillary Clinton. That decision was based almost totally on their respective positions on trade. As for Trump’s generals and bankers, I see no appreciable difference between Trump’s appointees and Obama’s. Indeed, Obama’s were the more dangerous, as they masqueraded as liberals. Lastly, my support for Bernie pre-dated his announcement to run in 2015.
      I appreciate comments here, but do try to be accurate occasionally.


    • Please, I think we now live in a world where, thanks to 0bama promoting racism against whites for eight years, racism against white people has become the new politically correct. If you want to get rid of racism get rid of it from both sides, not just one. People like you have such a double standard that it never ceases to amaze me!


  5. I think the Anti-Trumpism will lead to the worst field of Neo-Liberal Democratic Candidates because that party will market the worst corporate shills as better than Trump. I don’t think people have learned at all that it was Clinton that drove people to Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You are wrong, wrong, wrong… Hundreds of Bernies were there and I was one of them. Get your facts straight before you write an article with so many untruths.

    2 articles you wrote about the march. Both of them are 100% incorrect.

    Barb Schade

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

    Please note: message attached


      • You are right. Most Berners voted for either Trump and a few for Stein. When you position a candidate as the lesser of two evils, it speaks for itself. What democrats did care about was that the majority of people on both sides were just fed up with politics as usual. The democrats pushed a woman with zero integrity and they thought they can shove their choice candidate down our throats, as they had in the past. Voters proved them wrong.


    • I think some of the black leaders forgot that line from MLK. What I saw for the past eight years was darkness through and through. 0bama had the chance to once and for all get rid of racism, and double standards, instead he chose to get even with white people. So he reversed the racism and double standard against whites which is why went back instead of forward.


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