6,000 Comments is a Big Deal!


Turns out, 6.000 comments on a blog is quite an accomplishment. In speaking with other bloggers, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Armory is among the few blogs with such a number of comments.

The Armory is a very narrowly focused blog. Our mission here is to promote animal rights and to radicalize the animal movement.

That we have provoked over 6,000 comments from readers and followers suggests we are challenging and engaging people. And we are making a difference.

If you support our work and believe in animal rights, please help us to grow.

The Armory is a labor of love. We have no staff. Our people are all volunteers.

We publish articles and Thoughts of the Day to the tune of over 500 posts per year.

That is a Herculean task for even paid staff and contract writers.

If you enjoy our articles, if you support our mission, if you just enjoy our raising Hell, we invite you to be a part of the Armory.

Can you afford to donate $3 or $5 per month? Can you make a one time donation of $25 or even $100?

Anything you can do will help us grow.

Every penny will go to advertising and promotion.

Please support the most radical animal rights blog in the world!


3 thoughts on “6,000 Comments is a Big Deal!

  1. Armory would probably get more comments if WordPress wasn’t defective. WordPress thinks that my computer is a robot. It used to block me from posting on Armory. Now it blocks me from all other WordPress blogs and forums.


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