Have Gun. Will Travel.


Does your organization need a hired gun?

If yours is an animal protection or animal rights organization, a politically progressive group, or a progressive considering becoming a candidate for office, and need professional strategic planning, public and media relations, campaign management, issue development, speech-writing, ghost writing, social media consultation, or social media management, website development, or web log (blog) management, please consider retaining us.

I have 40 years experience as a professional political strategist. My clients have included presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, and state officials.

I directed California’s Proposition 13 campaign for Howard Jarvis. I ran presidential campaigns for George Wallace, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Bill Bradley, and Dennis Kucinich, and planned and directed social media campaigns for animal protection, animal rights, environmental organizations, and developed campaigns for issues such as gay rights, women’s rights, anti-bullfighting, dogfighting, sealing, and whaling, captive dolphins, orcas, and animals in zoos.

If you need hard hitting editorial pieces, a social media presence, a spokesperson, or strategic planning for campaigns, fundraising, or organizational development, contact us for a consultation: rolandvincent@yahoo.com

For my friends who are too young to remember the TV show Have Gun, Will Travel, starring Richard Boone, it was about a hired gun who could be reached by wiring Paladin, San Francisco.

I, on the other hand, can be reached by emailing rolandvincent@yahoo.com

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