Schoolyard Bullies and the Cowards Who Run Away



The Democratic leadership is like a gang of schoolyard bullies who run roughshod over the other kids on the playground. Few of the others have the courage or the wherewithal to stand up to them.

And many just run away.

The whole school full of kids is not the enemy, just as everyone who is a Democrat is not the enemy.

But the kids who run away, just like the Democrats who run away, are blaming their fellows for the actions of the bullies.

Hillary’s corrupt DNC managed to prevent Bernie from winning the nomination. They showed their true colors as bullies, liars, and thugs.

In frustration, many progressives threw tantrums and ran away.

They started the ridiculous #DemExit move to leave the Democratic party. Basically, they ran away from the bullies.

The entire corrupt Democratic organization is held in place by bribery. Special interests, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Ag, the insurance lobby, the military-industrial complex, the bans, the healthcare lobby, Big Oil and Big Coal, own most incumbent Democratic officeholders. The incumbents, in turn, control party organizations like the DNC and state party organizations. The Democratic establishment is a ground fog of bullies that can be blown away by a gust of votes.

The key to taking over the party is to throw out the bums in office. That will break the back of lobbyist control. It would mean an end to Wall Street Democrats and Clinton hacks.

Progressive Democrats need to adopt the Tea Party playbook. The Tea Party now controls the Republican party because they primaried establishment Republicans, and even voted against them in general elections.

We must do the same to rid the Democratic party of the Hillbots in office.

We must get rid of the bullies.

It would be helpful if those who ran away would develop spines and join us.



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