Trump and Climate Change


The most delusional lie ever told is that politicians can impact climate change.

Campaigning on promises of saving the planet and making the world better for our grandchildren is nothing but a hoax. Last year, Hillary Clinton did just that.

We are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the planet’s history, It has been primarily caused by the industrial revolution (read: capitalism).

Scrambling to change to green energy, decreasing our carbon footprints, reducing greenhouse gas emissions etc, are like trying to turn the tide with teacups. It is pissing into the wind. It won’t make a difference at all,

And Hillary knew it.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t care.

But the effect of either of them in office would not change the climate or slow the inevitable destruction that is coming.

Neither Trump nor Hillary would do anything about climate change.

Hillary could not. Donald will not.

Of the two approaches, Hillary’s is the more contemptible, because she knew it was a lie, and she kept telling it anyway.

The reality is that unless we were to violently, and quickly, overthrow capitalism, climate change is unstoppable.

No politician would ever admit as much. In the US and most of the world, capitalism rules society and owns government.

The preservation of power and markets is infinitely more important to the powers that be than are any considerations of the future of the environment.

To stop or reverse the effects of two centuries of capitalist industrialization would require dismantling Western civilization. An immediate end to manufacturing, to extracting oil, banning coal, stopping power plants, ending transportation, abolishing animal agriculture.

Trump’s approach is not really any different than Obama’s or Hillary’s. Nothing any of them did, do, or might do would make any difference.

The absurdity of Trump critics panning his denier appointees is realized when no one is calling for measures that might actually work to stop climate change.

Climate change is merely an excuse to attack Trump, and is as disingenuous as the absurd climate proposals Hillary offered in 2016 or that Obama touted during his presidency.



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11 thoughts on “Trump and Climate Change

  1. Many politicians and most corporate leaders, deny climate change because they cannot afford to admit it. Capitalism depends on constant, endless growth. This means more extraction of coal and oil and gas. It means more development and destruction of wildlife habitat. It means more factories and more production, more people and more consumption.

    Taking care of the planet and trying to slow down or reverse climate change is antithetical to the demands of capitalism. And this is the economic system that has undergone globalization and that is enticing people in less developed countries to aspire to our lifestyle and our bloated consumption patterns.

    So how are the Democrats finally going to deal with climate change? We know what the Republican response will be. But the Democrats depend on the same corporate CEOs and the same Wall Street oligarchs for donations and support. They listen to the same lobbyists to get elected. They have constituents demanding the same things—jobs, cheap energy, and stuff, lots and lots of stuff. How much can the Democrats, how much WILL the Democrats fight for the planet? Not much, I fear.


  2. Hmmm – I don’t agree with the title or your assertion. We attack Trump because he attacks what we hold dear. BECAUSE he doesn’t care, and because, while your premise may be ultimately correct (that climate change has already reached the lethal tipping point), the end of the story is not yet written. Trump’s decisions and actions have done nothing but hasten what may (or may not) be an inevitable, human-driven planetary end. I can’t ever condone giving up hope of saving this incredible miracle we call home, and all our co-existing and heartbreakingly vulnerable non-human neighbors. We also know he’s exacerbating the problems by rolling back regulations on clean water, for instance, (a resource needed by all life), the facilitating of more horrifically destructive coal mining, and his move to lift humane regulations on our treatment of animals – Acts that are simply unconscionable and based on nothing but worship of the Almighty Dollar. These are some of the reasons we fight against both Trump and the GOP. Unless you are suggesting to all of us to just give up and die along with our planet, (since, per your conclusion, life on Earth is doomed, anyway,so the usual rules need no longer apply). So go ahead and loot our planet’s resources and wildlife like vandals in a riot? Because (you are telling us) it’s the ‘end times’? No – Since that would enable ever more egregious abuses of and attacks on our wildlife, wild places and shared water/soil/air, not to mention our most vulnerable people, it is not the position any of us should take.


    • My point is that Trump is no more dangerous in hos policies than was Obama. Much less so, in actuality, as his actions are open and transparent. The critics of his policies would have us return to the neoliberal corporatist ones of Obama, and those advocated by Hillary Clinton. What we need is political revolution. If not possible, we need social revolution. Shrill neoliberal voices are as evil as the Neanderthal voices in the GOP.


      • Actually he IS more dangerous. Look at his ACTIONS. He is rolling back policies Obama enacted to protect the planet from human greed. No, Obama wasn’t perfect, we all know the wolf rider fiasco – But I, for one, vote ONLY on a decision-maker’s environmental voting track-record. Bernie tried to pull Hillary closer to the values that Bernie’s supporters cherish. Tried. Trump had no previous VOTING record but he had obvious, pro-business-as-any-cost inclinations. And now he is attacking critical regulations protecting OUR clean water from industrial poisoning. He is DOING things we disagree with. We would have called out Hillary and have called out Obama on such infractions, too.

        No it should not be political BUT IT IS, Because if you actually look the recorded voting records of all in politics, there is NO dispute if someone is fighting for the planet or fighting for industry profit. If you haven’t, yet, do spend a few minutes looking at the votes on major issues. And it is right there, which way each person voted, a little (R) or (D) next to their name. This is exactly how, as a youngster growing up in a R home, I saw the light of how these policies conflicted with the things that were important to me – Like wildlife, wolves, wild horses, other Endangered Species, National Parks, public lands as wildlife sanctuaries and bioreserves, clean water, food safety regs, mountains protected from mountain-top removal coal-mining ruin, and on and on.

        In the end, there was no question of who would, and who wouldn’t, work on behalf of all those things I/we hold dear.

        And that’s why I didn’t vote for either H or T this election.

        I voted for Bernie.

        Then Jill Stein, Green Party.

        Yes, politicians, by setting POLICY, certainly can influence the course of climate change.


      • Obama approved dozens of pipelines, some just as critical as DAPL and Keystone. He approved Arctic drilling, he signed the DARK Act, prohibiting states from requiring GMO labeling. Obama was no friend of the environment, in spite of his homilies. Trump is far more transparent, and thus easier to oppose. The hypocrisy of Wall Street Democrats, Hillbots, and DNC types taking issue with Trump is pathetic posturing for the rank-and-file, all with an eye to nominating another Wall Street whore in 2020.


      • Right. That’s why we do need a political revolution. But Trump, puppet of the far right, isn’t it. And we will, and SHOULD, continue to call out and challenge him and anyone else who isn’t putting the interests of the Earth (which we all depend on) first.

        So we agree we must not excuse Obama, Hillary, Nixon, Bush, Reagan, anyone who works against the Earth. Including the current and perhaps scariest, Trump.

        Now. Since politicians dictate critical policy, how shall we proceed?


  3. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Western civilization is the only civilzation on Earth that uses fossil fuels and manufacturers things. Most of the world, with a few exceptions does the above mentioned.


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