Establishment Democrats Are Focusing on Trump So Progressives Don’t Focus on Them


Establishment Democrats are inciting the public over Trump’s immigration policies and his so called “pro-life” positions, but are silent as church mice when it comes to Trump’s Wall Street appointees, Big Oil Secretary of State, militarist Secretary of Defense, chicken slaughtering Secretary of Agriculture, or his wild horse murdering Secretary of Interior.

Establishment Democrats are hoping to create a frenzy of opposition to Trump on social issues, planning to divert the public’s attention from the fact that Trump and Wall Street Democrats are virtually indistinguishable on economic issues.

If they can keep the public focused on immigration and women’s issues, they hope to be able to nominate another Wall Street whore in 2020, disguised as a liberal.

It is to that end that the media is dwelling on the Hillbots in the streets, on talk shows, on social media, on late night TV.

Progressives need to focus on our primary goal: taking over the Democratic party. Protesting Trump in marches or making fun of him on SNL will not remove him from office. That will only happen by Sanders or another progressive running against him in 2020. If a Wall Street Democrat is elected in 2020, we will be no better off than we are with Trump.

Our immediate enemy is the Democratic leadership, not Trump. We must take over the Democratic party before any meaningful confrontation with Trump is possible. 

By sounding strident on immigration and women’s issues, Wall Street Democrats can conceal their neoliberal economic and military positions from all but the most knowledgeable political observers.

It is the game plan by which they hope to defeat Bernie Sanders or one of his progressive political heirs for the 2020 nomination.

Establishment Democrats are focusing on Trump so progressives do not focus on them.

Establishment Democrats were more concerned that Bernie would be president than that Trump would be. Their Wall Street owners are terrified that progressives will take over the party. And all the anti-Trump rhetoric is designed to drown out those who point out that Hillary and her cohorts are responsible for Trump.

And it is in service to the Hillbots that anyone is joining in the chorus.



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6 thoughts on “Establishment Democrats Are Focusing on Trump So Progressives Don’t Focus on Them

  1. “We have, number one, fake elections. We need national election reforms with public financed, hand counted paper trail ballots in all our elections. That includes the primaries. Without democracy, everything, I repeat, everything else being else shoved down our throats is moot. We will never again vote blindly blue. We will vote for the candidate who accepts the least amount of bribes from corporate donors. At this point our votes are really only hopes…till we achieve true election reform. How could Hillary of won when she could hardly fill a basketball gym up, and Bernie filled up stadium after stadium after stadium? (Sound familiar RP supporters?) Democrats purged their own voters in California, New York, Arizona, Nevada. Our system is rigged. We need to change the voting laws.” #ElectionReform Do you really want to unite our country? Everyone should understand and unite behind this! This is having the DNC and GOP quaking in their boots. Bring it ON—


  2. First order of business. Election fraud” We have all the proof. It’s the way they keep their power. We can’t elect people to make change, they won’t let us. Believe me, the want Trump a lot more than they wanted Bernie Sanders who the people wanted. That’s not how it works in America. The issue important to the American people get no consideration. Corporations are first and foremost.


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