Smoke, Mirrors, and Hysterics. The Anti-Trump Protests


What, exactly is accomplished by the anti-Trump protests?

After winning a mandate in the Electoral College, Trump would hardly cave to a few thousand (or even a few hundred thousand) malcontents in the streets.

With a Republican House and Senate, Trump has the political imperative to shape American domestic and foreign policy.

The midterm elections are well over a year away. Trump will not face the voters for almost four years.

Trump is unimpressed by marchers and protesters.

So what is all the hysteria about? Who benefits by all the noise?

Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic establishment benefit!

So long as everyone is bitching about Trump, no one bitching about the corrupt Democratic leadership can be heard.

Wall Street Democrats hope the Democratic rank-and-file will become swept up in the anti-Trump hysteria. That they will forget just how out of touch the Democratic leadership is with the Democratic membership.

They hope to build a huge consensus on immigration and women’s issues so one of their Wall Street whores can win the nomination in 2020.

They hope we will forget just how much we disagree with them on so many issues.

We must fight them on trade, on war, on military belligerence, on GMOs, on universal healthcare, on drones, on murdering civilians, on corporate welfare, on pipelines, on drilling, on coal mining, on Big Oil. Big Pharma, on Wall Street, on the Big Banks.

Just because Democratic hacks say nice things about minorities and women doesn’t mean they are our friends or share our interests.

Wall Street Democrats are worse than is Trump.

And the only way we can ever effectively oppose Trump is with a progressive candidate (like Bernie Sanders or Nina Turner) in 2020.

If we cannot take over the Democrats, Trump will serve for 8 years.



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7 thoughts on “Smoke, Mirrors, and Hysterics. The Anti-Trump Protests

  1. I agree with damovand and Mars. The animals are screwed no matter who is in office. Congress is full of people like Pelosi who are too wealthy to understand the base they claim to represent but, judging from the election, know nothing about. The progressive protestors sound as witless and profane as any Trump supporters. We have a Humpty Dumpty country that the wealthy and the witless can’t put together again.

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  2. I absolutely agree. I would also add that those who throw these tantrums are every bit as bad as the likes of Pelosi. Pelosi, has been holding on to her job for decades. She and her husband are millionaires who never have to worry about how to pay for everything after the taxes take a big chunk out of their millions. They don’t have to worry about living next door to neighborhood petty criminals. So of course she has no problem coming up with all these social programs for the welfare crowed that the rest of us have to pay out of our shrinking paychecks and by enduring diminishing quality of life. I despise all these self absorbed interest groups that don’t care about anything else but their own selfish demands.

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  3. “Democrat” or “Republican” are one in the same. It’s more like the “People” and “Wall Street” “Federal Reserve”……how do we fight them~? Only thing I know of is pay attention to where I spend $$$…. who am I really supporting. What do you think~? I think we are screwed and even worse the animals don’t have a chance….w/ the trophy hunting, puppy mills, research, oil spills, nuclear testing, irresponsible ppl. …..the only solution for anything life to survive, is to rid the planet of humans. Or am I delusional/wrong~?

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