Thought of the Day. A Berner and a Hillbot Collide. February 19, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

A reader posted this comment on the Armory blog:

It is intellectually dishonest to try to reduce the issue to one between “progressive Democrats” and “Wall Street Democrats.” Creating a nasty label to paper over legitimate disagreements is not what good Democrats do. Most of us who oppose the Sanders faction have nothing to do with Wall Street. We are alarmed by your tendency toward trashing other activists and rejecting compromise and coalition. The day Sanders called Planned Parenthood “establishment” was the day I knew he didn’t understand the movement he wanted to lead.

I replied:

Which “legitimate differences” would those be? Representing donors over voters? Taking money from Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag? Protecting the one percent instead of the 99%? Supporting fracking, pipelines, Arctic drilling against the environment? Shilling for the healthcare insurers rather than supporting universal healthcare? Killing people with drones versus not? Imposing regime changes on countries we have no business bombing or invading?
And as for Planned Parenthood, it would be difficult to make the case that it is not a part of the establishment. It is supported by the entire Democratic establishment, and in turn it supports Democratic hacks. It is a multi-million dollar bureaucracy that is part of the DC landscape and receives funding from the federal government and most states.
Nothing intellectually dishonest about proclaiming that the emperor has no clothes, and that the corporate Democrats who are bought and paid for by lobbyists are no better than the Republicans. My position is that they are substantially worse, as they masquerade as liberals




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4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. A Berner and a Hillbot Collide. February 19, 2017

  1. A very good answer 🙂 Democrats pushed hillary because she a woman and they thought that would make for her lack of integrity and incompetence. Given a chance they would still push for madam hillary instead of paying attention to what we need.


  2. Dear Roland,

    Your closing few words ” .. they masquerade as liberals .. ” are, to me, as a Christian, the most significant words in your excellent reply.

    Can one be a liberal democratic Republican Vegan Christian ? For, as far as I can make out TODAY, that is exactly what JESUS would be; as am I, and as is President Trump (minus the Vegan part). Right.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    P. S.

    I like ‘your man’ Bernie; think he’s great. He’s a tough ‘old bird’; a real ‘fighter’, as you and I are Roland. BUT could the Jewish State of Israel have a Christian Head of State; or Christian America a Jewish President ? It was ‘hard-enough’ having a so-called ‘black’ man – with a Muslim background and family bloodline – as President for 8 years. Not so ? Look what it did to/for America.

    (Incidently Roland, Mr. Obama is at all times referred to as an ‘African-American’. Right. He is not. He is a so-called ‘Coloured’ American, for he has a mixed European and African family bloodline. Right).

    Please …. I am NOT a racist. I ‘hate’ ALL races the same Roland (joke) (lol). No, I hate it when CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES (CCT) set out to CROOK CHEAT THIEVE; more especially when they CROOK CHEAT THIEVE from me and from my family. Simple (lol). Makes it hard for me to like politicians (or hardly anyone else, for that matter !)


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