Thought of the Day. A progressive third party in 2020? February 22, 2017

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Today’s Thought:

A progressive third party in 2020? A ridiculous waste of time, energy, and resources. It CANNOT happen under our system without the expenditure of BILLIONS of dollars to brand a third party. Who has that kind of money? And why would they spend it on a third party effort when the Democrats could be invaded and commandeered for a tiny fraction of that amount?



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5 thoughts on “Thought of the Day. A progressive third party in 2020? February 22, 2017

  1. Citizenship is the third party: As I’ve mentioned to many, (including Mike McCabe & Sanders Our Wisconsin Revolution insiders), “you can’t get ‘there’ (3rd) from ‘here,’ (our current situation); but you can get ‘there’ from ‘over there,’ (citizenship). It stupefies me how absolutely blind people are to the obvious. Our democracy fails because we in essence “democracy is a verb.” When we are lazy or distracted or unable to figure out away to practice citizenship together, then the vacuum is filled by lobbyist interest. People-centered policy is pushed to the wayside. I have created a model to empower Citizenship and Community Democracy Clubs. The begin with simple common cause and become independent progressive chapters networked together across states. Fed into the network is an umbrella of allied progressive resources. Local chapters are independent inside of their communities. However they are set up to cooperate on major issues and to become a functioning Peoples Assembly inside of each state. The entire Focused Umbrella Network for 21st century Citizenship & Community Democracy Clubs, (FUN21 CCDC) would easily acquire many more members than any political party. This was the intent of Progressive Era citizenship organizations. It was the dream of Senator Paul Wellstone. Obama, Sanders and Noam Chomsky talk about the importance of this type of citizenship organization. I’ve designed it to be easy, enjoyable and effective. But everyone loves the drama, the noise, and the advise from the rich and famous. The elephant in the room is citizenship. — WJR


  2. Maybe if a third party were formed which resonated, a Progressive Billionaire might come forth and invest in the money in the Democratic Party. The way it now stands, it’s the same old story with the Democrats.
    The other possibility is that a Giant Pot Powerball winner like me who is a Progressive, invests in a third party because they don’t need luxuries and they take great exception to the betrayal of the New Deal Democrats by the Democratic Party.

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